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Laado 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Komal stops Anushka from signing property papers

Laado 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dharam introducing Komal as his wife. Komal brings tray and gets emotional seeing Anushka. Anushka also gets emotional and is about to get up, but Komal nods her no. Shagun says how pretty she is? Komal says I will bring tea and goes. Anu gets up and says I shall help her in kitchen. Shagun says ok. Rantej sees Malhari singing song and applying nail polish to her nails. He laughs and says you are gone mad. Malhari says he is your father and my husband. Rantej shows thread on his hand and says I have crossed first step. Malhari asks are you happy as first girl made you brother? Rantej looks on. Komal goes to kitchen and recalls everything. Anu goes there and hugs her. Komal cries hugging her and says thank god that you are alive, I thought we will not meet again. She asks where were

you? Anushka asks why did she marry such an old guy. Komal says it is good that they don’t know about you. Dharam comes there and says you are mingling well. He asks Anushka to sign on the papers and says then he will leave for court.

Juhi brings juice for Inder. Inder tells her that he can’t wait for night and touches her hand sensually. Juhi drops juice glass on him shockingly. Inder gets angry and is about to slap her, but Rantej comes and holds his hand. He calls her behna and asks her to go inside, says he will handle him. Juhi goes to her room. Inder asks who are you to come inbetween us. Rantej says I am her brother. Inder says you are impotent and can’t do anything. Rantej laughs and asks him not to raise hand on his sister again. Inder says time will tell who will lose.

Dharam asks Anushka to sign on the papers else they have to wait for next week as court will be closed for 7 days. Shagun gives pen to Anu. Anu signs on the papers and thinks she is doing this for Juhi. Komal gets shocked seeing Anu signing. She slips and makes tea fall on the papers. Amrish and Shagun get shocked. Komal feels pain. Dharam gets worried for her. Amrish calls her mad girl for ruining the papers. Dharam says she is my wife, I will make new papers. Komal handovers note in Anu’s hands. Shagun says sorry and tells Amrish that they can get new papers. Anu thinks why did Komal do this intentionally. Shagun asks Anu to come with her. Dharam makes Komal sit on sofa.

Amrish tells that lawyer’s wife has ruined the papers. Shagun asks Amrish not to get angry on a big lawyer and asks him to learn to breathe. Anu looks at the note on the tissue paper and thinks it is wiped out. She sees Amrish’s phone and takes Dharam’s number from his phone. She thinks to call Komal from Shaurya’s home and asks them to stop the car. She says she will do shopping. Shagun says we will also come. Anu says she will go home.

Shaurya tells Rangoli that Juhi had taken care of him when he got unwell. He tells her that he is thinking to give bangles to juhi. Rangoli asks him to tell juhi. Anu comes there. Shaurya gets happy and gives money to Rangoli. Anushka asks Shaurya to give his phone. Shaurya says he likes surprise meeting. Anushka asks him to give phone before she forgets the number. Shaurya thinks it is good that you came here, I am prepared. Anu tries to search his phone. He comes closer to her. Anu asks for the phone. Shaurya says just as you wishes. Rabba Mere Rabba plays….He switches on the fan and makes flower petals shower on her. Anu is surprised. Shaurya takes out bangles, reminds her that his mum gave him bangle when their marriage was fixed, you was very happy that day, and Maa wanted me to make you wear it when we grown up. Anu looks at him.

Inder slaps Juhi and says she has only one man in her life and that’s him. Juhi is scared and shocked. Komal meets Anushka and tells her truth about Shagun. She tells that Sethi family’s property is on Juhi’s name and that’s why Shagun is after her to get juhi’s property. Anu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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