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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Amyra chooses Lovely over Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nihalo colliding with Kulfi. She doesn’t identify her and goes. Sattu gets relieved. Nihalo hears Kulfi and comes back. She asks did you call me Mami. Amyra refuses to have food. Lovely’s mum asks what happened, its your house too. Amyra says its not my house. Lovely asks her to behave herself, its her dad’s house. Amyra says yes, its not my dad’s house, why did you get me here, why did you fight with dad. Lovely says I m your mom, I will decide what to tell you. Amyra says you have to say. Lovely lifts her and takes her to room. She locks Amyra. Amyra asks her to open the door. Lovely opens the door and asks Amyra to decide if she will stay with mom or dad. Kulfi lies to Nihalo. Sitaram takes Nihalo. Sattu says don’t open the turban until you meet your dad,

you must live as a boy now.

Amyra says I want both mom and dad, I can’t choose one of you. Lovely says no, you have to decide, whom do you want, mom or dad. She goes and cries. Sattu says you got saved, you won’t change your get up. Kulfi says I don’t want to become a boy, boys are dirty, I m a beautiful girl. He says you have to become a boy, no one should know your name Kulfi. He sees sweets shop and says your name will be Barfi. Kulfi refuses to change name and shouts. Nihalo hears her voice and says she is around, I will find her. Sattu says you won’t tell your details to anyone, swear on your mom. Kulfi swears and says I don’t even know my dad’s name.

Amyra thinks of Sikandar and Lovely. She runs to Lovely and hugs her. Lovely says you need to be careful, we are one team, no one will take care of us. Amyra asks who will take care of us and dad. Lovely says mom will never leave you, I promise. Amyra hugs her. Sattu says once we reach Mumbai, we will meet your dad, you will live with him, he will educate you, you will become a big personality, you can get rid of all your problems if you study hard. Kulfi hugs Sattu. He says stay here, I will get food and water. She says come back soon. He says I will come soon. He goes. Nihalo looks at her. She hides. Nihalo stares at her.

Sikandar sings Ishq karna…..and cries. His brother comes and sings along. He holds Sikandar. Sikandar says don’t console me today, you always supported me, I have hurt you all. His brother says yes, but I don’t know why, you loved Nimrat, then why did you….. Sikandar says because I wanted all this, I wanted to become a big man, I understood you all are making many sacrifices for me, you put your entire life at stake for me, I forgot my love to buy happiness for you all, it was a deal of loss for me, I lost everything, I couldn’t become a good husband, good father and good son. He cries. His brother says you are my brother, you aren’t bad, family leaves one’s side, you may make mistakes, but you can do anything to fix it, won’t you try to fix this. Sikandar asks you have faith in me. His brother says yes, more than myself. Sikandar says I will convince Lovely and get Amyra back. They hug.

Sitaram says there is no one here. Nihalo goes. The train leaves. Kulfi asks Sattu to hurry up. Sattu asks her not to worry, he will come. He tries to board the train. Nihalo sees him and gets shocked. She throws a stick and hits Sattu. He falls down. He sees the train leaving and shouts Kulfi.

Sattu says Kulfi is in the train. He runs to catch the train.

Update Credit to: Amena

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