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Kriyam ff:hatred vs love which win part 1

Hlo friends its aleesha . So this is my new ss . I know I left my previous ff as I don’t remember the story of that but I start a new one . Plz comment and like .

So let’s start

Saiyam singh:a army officer, arrogant , Mr perfect, and always want other to always follow his rules. He is orfan.

Krishna singh:a typical punjabi bubbly lovely girl, always wants her family to smile.

Arjun singh:father of krishna and also a retired army cheif officer. Loves krishna very much . Single father as her mother Aruna singh was police officer and she is died after krishna birth.

A boy is seen in army uniform and instructing it’s other officer. He revealed to be saiyam .

A girl is found  swimming in army restricted area . She is revealed to be krishna . Saiyam get news of this . He was very angry.

Their officers saves her and take her to army hospital . She has to stay in army camp because of common procedure .

Krishna:how do I come here oh my god what I do now.

Officer:excuse me u have to write a apology letter and it should be sign from saiyam sir.

She think now what to do she is scared .

She writes a apology letter.

Precape:Kriyam meet at each other.

Plz friends like comment.

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