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Kasam 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi as flamboyant Ranbir Kapoor in his rebirth

Kasam 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After 25 years in Canada..

Ranbir (Rishi as Ranbir in his new birth) is playing football in the stadium. Commentator tells that there is an interesting match going on between India and Canada. Ranbir hits ball and it hits goal. Commentator says Ranbir Kapoor made India win. Ranbir Kapoor pours water on their face. Akki cheers for him. Krishna Krishna hare hare plays. Ranbir Kapoor’s face is shown. He is the rebirth of Rishi. Akki says sorry and says I couldn’t come inside. Indian team mates appreciate Ranbir. Akki says you are born with golden feet. Ranbir says not today. They lift him.

Tanuja in her new birth comes to temple. Her face is shown as Pandit applies tilak to her hand. They both get a little injury on their hands at same time. Tanuja’s friend come and asks her to come, says

tomorrow is her marriage. Ranbir says I will go and change. Akki asks if he is wearing something special. Ranbir asks what did he say? Team mates asks Akki for party. Ranbir says lets go to party. Akki says what if Chacha ji calls me? Ranbir says I will reply to my dad.

They come to the party. Girls are dancing in the party. Akki goes to bring Punch for Ranbir. A guy tells AKki that girls have mix something in the drink. A girl comes to Ranbir and gives her drink. Ranbir drinks it. Other girl asks him to share his drink with her. He gives his drink to her. Other girls ask him to share their drink today. He says lots of me for lots of you. He says party shall be rocking and makes girls have drink with the bottle. He dances with them. He goes to get drink for him. A girl comes and says she is knocked out seeing him. She asks for his autograph on her back. Ranbir says you are definitely hot. She asks him to come with her and says party is boring.

Ranbir is going with her, when a lady comes and takes Ranbir with her. Both lady and girl go to room with him. Ranbir asks them to get comfortable. Both of them try to show right on him. The lady asks the girl to have some respect for step mom. Ranbir says mom. Girl/lady says she is her step mom. Ranbir says I have no problem. Lady goes to freshen up. Ranbir tries to get intimate with the girl, but sees some flashes. Lady also comes back, says we have to get intimate with him, he is shy. They both try to get closer to him. Ranbir gets flashes and gets up. They ask are you fine? Ranbir feels pain in his head and falls down. Ranbir gains consciousness in the hospital and calls Tanu.

Doctor tells that he has done his brain mapping, talks about his rebirth and tells that the woman Tanu is still in her mind. Ranbir’s parents looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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