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Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya makes a romantic plan

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daali making tea for Janki. She gets a burn and screams. Janki asks who screamed. Daali serves tea to them. She doesn’t tell anything. Janki likes the tea and praises Daali. Sheela and Munni make faces. Daali asks is this really good. Janki blesses her. Daali says have it. Sheela asks did you really like it, it has no sugar. Daali says maybe I forgot to add sugar. Janki says Daali made the tea, its enough for me, I m proud of you. Kanhaiya asks what happened to your hand. Janki sees the burn. Daali says nothing, I never cooked food, that’s why. Kanhaiya takes Daali and washes her hand with cold water. Tu hi to jannat meri….plays…. He asks her to always put cold water on burns.

Janki sees them and smiles. He says Kanhaiya loves Daali, no one can love

her so much. Daali asks what. Janki says I know Kanhaiya loves you right. Kanhaiya says yes, I love her a lot. He tells Daali that they have to lie to Janki, else she will lose her property. Sheela says their relation is fake, they have no love. Kanhaiya says we have to explain Janki. He asks Janki can he call him Dadda. Janki says sure. Kanhaiya asks Janki to go and rest now, he wants to spend time with Daali. Daali says its too much now. They act lovey dovey. Sheela and Munni leave with Janki. Kanhaiya shuts the door. Daali asks why are you shutting the door. Kanhaiya says what if Janki doubted then.

Daali asks what to do now. Kanhaiya says love. She says impossible, I can’t love you, you are my servant. Kanhaiya says I have a plan. She agrees. Janki says if Daali doesn’t settle in a year, then I will donate all property, so Daali has to settle down with Kanhaiya. Daali and Kanhaiya sing a romantic song to fool Janki. Nahi nahi….plays….. Daali romances with a dummy, while Kanhaiya sings sitting away. Janki hears the song. He goes to see. He dances seeing Daali hugging the dummy, assuming him to be Kanhaiya. Daali turns shy and does a drama.

Kanhaiya hides from Janki. Janki says Daali is singing, she is romancing with Kanhaiya, its amazing. He prays to Lord. Drunkard comes and troubles Janki. Sheela and Munni scold the drunkard. Drunkard scolds Janki for peeping in Kanhaiya’s house. He creates a scene. Janki asks him to leave. Kanhaiya and Daali hide and see Janki. Kanhaiya stops the song. He says its good Janki is sure of our love, but be careful, he shouldn’t know that our relation is not of husband and wife. Daali says thank you. He says no need to thank, our love story is spreading. She beats him. Pilot comes there. Daali goes. Pilot says Daali has gone to common washroom, you worry a lot for your wife. Kanhaiya says she is not my wife, she is a princess, I just have to take care of her. Pilot asks what are you saying. Kanhaiya takes tea from him. He likes the tea. Pilot says we will have that boys versus girls game and win like every time. Kanhaiya says no one can dare to cut my kite. He smiles.

Kanhaiya asks Daali to come out fast. Daali sees him in a saree. She asks where did my clothes go. Kids say its here. She gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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