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ISHQBAAZ SS- Our Angel, Ishana – Chapter 11



Ishana is shocked to see a guy holding a knife walking towards her in anger. Ishana looks for something to defend herself. She realised that she has left her handbag at the golgappe stall with the girls. Shivaay is looking at Ishana feeling helpless. He wants to help her but he doesn’t know how. Ishana walks backwards till she reached the wall. She closes her eyes. The guy smirks and about to stab her. Suddenly, she heard a scream and opens her eyes. She sees the guy is screaming holding his head and Gauri is standing holding a rod. Shivaay smiles seeing Gauri there.

Shivaay: Luckily, Gauri came ready.

Gauri: (angrily) How dare you to touch her?? (Ishana goes to her) I will show you the impact for touching a girl. (The guy shouts calling some names. Gauri is about to hit him again.)

Ishu: (stops her) Gauri, let’s leave from here first.

Gauri: Why are you scared?? This kind of people should be treated like this. They are always underestimating about a girl being weak. We should change that. We must prove that we are not weak like they are thinking.

Ishu: I know that, Gauri. But, this is not the right time. (Few guys come and surround IshRi. ShivIshRi are shocked to see them)

Shivaay: God!! How are these two going to handle them?? I have to do something. (Thinks)

Guy: (towards Gauri) After all you are a girl, how dare you to hit me?? (About to slap her but Ishana holds her hand)

Ishu: Don’t you dare!! What did you say?? After all a girl??? (Smirks) Don’t forget that after all a girl made your brother get arrested by a female cop for touching an innocent girl. I can do the same now too.

Guy: (smirks) Really?? But, you both won’t be alive till then. We are many here but only two of you are here. How will you escape??

Voice: Who said that they are only two?? (All turn and see AniSouVya there) We are five girls here. (Shivaay sighs in relief looking at them)

Soumya: And this five is equal to fifty women power.

Guy: (walking towards her) What you will do?? You girls are going to defeat us?? (Laughs mockingly)

Bhavya: Any doubt?? I will show you what we can do. (Throws golgappe water on his eyes and he screams. The other guys about to attack them but Gauri hits them with the rod. AniSouVya pulls the guys collars and twirls them. They knock them using their knees. Ishana takes her bag from Annika. One guy holds Annika’s hand and about to hit her but Ishana sprays on his face. The guy screams and falls unconscious. Ishana does the same to another two guys too. They too fall unconscious. Another one guy sees her holding the pepper spray becomes alert. He takes the knife and about to attack her from behind. Gauri who sees this pushes Ishana and he slits her hand. Gauri screams in pain. AniSouYa rush towards Gauri and care for her. Ishana gets angry and about to spray but the guy holds her hand. He tries to take the spray from her hand but Ishana tightens her hold on the bottle. Shivaay goes to Ishana and steps on her foot. Ishana screams in pain and kicks the guy’s leg. He leaves her and holds his leg.

Guy: (angrily) How dare you to kick me?? See what I’m going to do to you. (Ishana looks at Shivaay questioningly)

Shivaay: Make sure the girls never see this side. (Ishana sees all the girls attention are on Gauri)

Ishu: (looks at him) What are you going to do?? (Shivaay holds her hand and hits the guy’s face plenty of times till his vision become blur. Shivaay takes this as a chance and lifts her from the ground. He makes her to kick the guy’s face. He falls on the ground. Shivaay places her down.)

Shivaay: (towards Ishana) Now, spray on his face. (Ishana agrees and sprays on the guy’s face. He falls unconscious.)

She sees all the guys are unconscious and goes towards the girls. She feels bad to see Gauri in pain.

Ishu: She is bleeding badly. Let’s take her to hospital. (The girls helps Gauri to get up) Take her to the car. I’ll call the police.

Annika: Ok. You be careful.

Ishu: Don’t worry. This spray is too strong and they won’t be conscious for 30 minutes. (Annika nods and the girls leave with Gauri. Ishana calls the police. The police come after a while and arrest those guys)


ShivIka Villa

The girls return after treated Gauri’s wound. ShivIsh are there as well. The Oberois are shocked to see Gauri wounded. Omkara rush towards Gauri.

Om: Gauri, what happened to you??

Annika: I will tell you, Om. Let her to sit first. (Omkara agrees and makes her to sit on the sofa)

Jhanvi: Annika, tell us what happened. (Annika tells them everything. Omkara stares at Ishana in anger)

Om: (scolds) This is all because of you. Who asked you to take them for shopping?? My wife is injured because of you!! (Shivaay is shocked to see Omkara in this anger)

Ishu: I’m sorry. I didn’t expect this to happen.

Om: Just shut up!! What if anything happened to her?? (The girls feel bad to see Ishana getting scolded by Omkara)

Gauri: Omkara ji, don’t scold her. She has nothing to do with that.

Om: You keep quiet, Gauri. Don’t support her. Already her bhabhi is behind us for Shivaay’s accident. Now, you are injured because of her. (Looks at Ishana) You better leave from here and don’t come here again.

Annika: Om, what are you saying?? What she will do if those goons wanted to harm her??

Gauri: (gets up from her place) Omkara ji, this wound is just small for me but for her it can be serious. Have you forgotten what happened yesterday?? (Omkara recalls yesterday’s incident)

Rudra: O, you said her bhabhi behind us for Shivaay bhaiya’s accident. But, she is the one saved us from getting arrested yesterday.

Ishu: It’s ok. Don’t say anything to him. This only shows his love for his wife. (Goes towards Gauri) I’m sorry, Gauri. Your husband is right. It’s because of me. (Holds her ears)

Gauri: (takes her hands) Arrey, chiraiya. I told you it’s not because of you. Actually, I’m happy that we are able to show our power to those useless chirottas. (Looks at her hand) This is just a small wound. It will be healed in another few days.

Ishu: Luckily, you just hurt externally. This can cure easily. But, internal injuries can’t be healed easily. (Gauri looks at her questioningly) I’m saying about humans heart. Some people hurt the heart and then they will say sorry. But, least they know the sorry can’t heal the heart which is hurt deeply because of their harsh words.

Gauri: True. And it is very hurtful if those words uttered by the one we loved the most. (Recalls how Omkara has humiliated her character. Omkara too looks at her in surprise)

Ishu: (hugs her) Take care. We will meet again if can. (Turns to go but stops remembers something. She goes towards Annika and hands over a bag) Annika, this is a small gift for you.

Annika: (takes the bag) What is this??

Ishu: You will know after opening it. See you.  (Leaves from there before they stop her)

Annika opens the bag and takes out the box  from it. She opens the cover and surprised to see a bed lamp inside the box.

Annika: Bed lamp?? (She sees a card and reads it)

I know you are scared of darkness. Keep this as your company till your husband recover.

Your well wisher,


Soumya: How she knows that you are scared of darkness??

Annika: I don’t know. (Looks at Omkara) You are blaming that she is the reason for whatever happened to Gauri. But see, she took us for shopping for me only. To buy this lamp for me. Next time, think carefully before saying anything to anyone. (Leaves to her room followed by Soumya)


Ishana is on the way going back to her house. She looks here and there for Shivaay but she couldn’t find him.

Ishu: Where he is lost again?? He was with me just now. Maybe he is still at his house?? Never mind, I’ll wait for him at my house. (Rides her scooter to her house)


Raichand House

Ishana is waiting for Shivaay and it’s been two hours but Shivaay doesn’t come yet. She becomes worry thinking about him.

Ishu: Why he didn’t come yet?? (Takes her mobile and calls someone) Hello, Navya….



Navya goes to Shivaay’s ward and checks him. She holds her bluetooth which is on her ear.

Navya: Ishu, he is fine only. What happened?? Is he missing again??

Ishu:Yeah. He was with me just now but don’t know where he went now. He is fine, right??

Navya: Yes. I’m in his ward only.

Ishu: Ok. I will wait for him here. He must come here only.

Navya: Ishu, how was your shopping??

Ishu: (recalls whatever happened) It was good. (Lies to her)

Navya: (smiles) Hmm… Good to hear that. Ok, Ishu. I can’t be here for long time. I will talk to you later. (Ends the call and leaves to her cabin)


Ishu: (ends the call) He is fine but where he disappeared suddenly. (Holds her head) This guy is making we worry. Shivaay!! Where have you been?? (Someone touches her shoulder. She turns and sees Shivaay) Shivaay!! Where have you been?? Do you know how much I was worried?? I thought something happened to you and I asked Navya to check on you.

Shivaay: Shhh… Relax. I’m alright.

Ishu: Where did you go, Shivaay??

Shivaay: I was at my house only. Gauri is injured and that’s why I stayed there for some time. I should have told you earlier. Sorry.

Ishu: It’s ok. I’m relief that you are fine. How is Gauri?? She is injured because of me.

Shivaay: She is good only, Ishana. Don’t worry.Luckily, her wound is not that deep. But, she did what was right. If the knife landed on you, it might be dangerous for you. (Hugs her shoulder) Ishana, don’t feel bad with Om’s words. His love for her made him to speak like that.

Ishu: I know that, Shivaay. I don’t feel bad with his words.

Shivaay: Who are those guys?? Why they wanted to harm you??

Ishu: I made his brother arrested by police. That’s why he wanted to revenge on me. I made the police to arrest them too. So, no worries. (Shivaay smiles)

Shivaay: You are well prepared to face those goons. You just made them unconscious with the pepper spray. Every girls must have this to protect themselves from those type of people.

Ishu: For a girl, not only this pepper spray, her duppata and voice too can be used as her weapon to protect herself. This spray is just an extra protection. And the most important, she must be mentally alert all the time. (Shivaay nods his head agreeing with her)



ShivIka Villa

ShivIka’s Room


Annika is looking at the bed lamp gifted by Ishana just now. She looks at Shivaay’s picture and the bed lamp. Soumya enters the room and sees Annika lost in her thoughts.

Soumya: Di, what are you thinking??

Annika: Ishana. How did she know that I’m scared of darkness?? There is something, Soumya that connecting her and Shivaay. But, I don’t know what is that. Just now when we are caring for Gauri, I could feel Shivaay there but I brushed off the thought. I wanted to get closer to her to find out about the connection but this Om scolded her badly. I don’t think she will come here again.

Soumya: So what if she doesn’t come here. We will go to her house. You are having her address, right?? Tomorrow we will go to her house.

Annika: Good idea, Soumya. Why I never thought about this?? Ok. We will go tomorrow. (AniSou smile at each other)


To be continued….

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