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Ishqbaaz FF:Found My Solace… Chap4

Hey guys.. I’m back with the fourth chapter!!!..and imI extremely sorry for making you guys wait for so long…sorry…hope you will like this one…☺

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Chapter 4: Unexpected Happenings

Tired and overwhelmed with emotions, Bhavya ran outside.

“Oh no.  Did i do something wrong..?”,Abhay worried.”well…you sort of led her to this so better check on her..”, saying so to himself ,Abhay ran after Bhavya.

Bhavya had stopped by the bench in the lawn and was now crying uncontrollably.However hard she tried,this time she couldn’t stop the tears from coming.

A few seconds later, Abhay was by her side. Seeing her so broken,Abhay felt immense pain in his heart.”who knew such a strong girl would be so broken inside..”,he thought. Seeing her like that,he felt a connection with his own broken self.He went up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

And that’s when the unexpected happened.

Bhavya immediately turned around and hugged him tight.

Abhay was too shocked to understand what was happening.He didn’t know what to do.But seeing her still crying inconsolably,he realised she needed a support.He gently hugged her back and made her sit on the bench beside him.

Bhavya was still clinging on to him like a small child,too afraid to let go of the only support she had.

After crying some more for sometime,seeing her breathing get unstable,Abhay gently rubbed her shoulders,patted her back,and slowly calmed her down.

“Do you want to talk about it?”,Abhay asked.

“I don’t know what to tell you Abhay,and I don’t know how to tell you..its…messed know..I never thought my parents would leave me alone..they really loved me Abhay..but they left me..why did they do that..Why…do you know they left me on this day…oh fun fact.. I’m a burden to this world..  I bet you didn’t know that..Or maybe you did..or you didn’t…or you did..or you….”,het voice started shaking again.

“Bhavya Bhavya…calm down..”,Abhay immediately said,realising that she was about to lose it again.He knew that she did not have any more energy in her to go over another round of crying that night..she really was too exhausted.He also felt that the effect of the drinks she had at the party hadn’t worn off yet.”She wouldn’t be opening up so much to me otherwise.” He had noticed Rudy teasing Bhavya at the party saying she was having way too much alcohol than what a police could consume.It had been Ranveer who finally stopped her.

Abhay turned his head to look at Bhavya and he saw that she had slept on his shoulder.He tried waking her up but she was fast asleep.Abhay stopped his efforts and kept looking at her. Her tear-stained face made him sad. He wiped them away with his hands.He then saw that she was slightly shivering from the cold breeze . He immediately removed his hoodie and wrapping her with it,took her in his arms and went to her room.

He gently placed her on her bed, covered her with the blanket,tucked her messy hair behind her ear with utmost care,took one last look at her to make sure everything was fine and slowly left,trying to make as less noise as possible.

It wouldn’t have mattered even if he made noise because Bhavya wouldn’t hear it.The poor soul was finally resting calmly after 12 long years.


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