Friday , September 25 2020


Hey guys, I am Ishaani and I plan to write a new fan fiction for ISHQBAAZ. Its basically about the next generation i.e, shivika’s children, rikara’s children and ruvya’s children.

I have decided that Shivika will have one son (the eldest) named Ansh and a daughter named Riddhima. Gauri and Om have a son named Dhruv and Rudra-Bhavya have twins, a son and a daughter named Akshat and Ayushi. There is going to be a twist but I cannot reveal it right now. I can just advise you to trust me and read it.

I am not sure you readers would like it and want your opinions on weather I should try this out or not. I have the plot in mind and plan to make this interesting and thrilling with mystery elements.

I have named Ansh’s love interest Nitya. Ansh will be a very smart businessman and a family oriented person like his father though he will also have some of Anika’a qualities like kindness and will be determined and stubborn like her. He does not react too weirdly to Anika’a unique words as he is used to them but still his hindi is a little weak as he studied abroad.

Nitya is a educated, independent girl who lives with her mother. Her mother is Hindi teacher at school. She has almost done her post graduation and is a temporary teacher(for training) in collage.

I haven’t thought about the other siblings love interest but will work that out. Now PLEASE tell me if you want any changes or want me to include anything and also which actors would you prefer to play the characters. PLESE COMMENT and share you views.

one more thing should I write everything in English ya phir thoda hindi mai bhi likh doon?

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