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Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi gives Deep poison

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
They come to room. Deep says she isn’t here? See. Roma says that means she is Arohi not tara. Where is Tara then? Arohi comes and says what happened mom? Why are yyou crying? Why do you have gun in hand? What happened? You all look worried. Arohi says I went to doctor he told me that baby has started moving. Deep tells her everything. Arohi says how dare she use my car. Deep says I think she lives in this house too. Arohi says we are all here. How can she live with us here? Is she playing the same game with us? There is a hidden room in this house as well. Is she staying there? They go to that room. Deep opens the gate. No one is there. ROma says she fooling us again and again and we didn’t know. Arohi says I will kill her if she comes in front of us. She lived here with

you all and you couldn’t find. she could harm my kids too. Deep says calm down. We will kill her. Virat says I will do it. You can’t kill her.

Arohi says to Chawani vedika has died because of me. I can’t risk your life too. GO away from here. You and Niku have to go away from here. Chawan says don’t worry about us. WHat is deep upto? Aorhi says they are looking for Arohi. Chawani says deep will find out. He can do anything. He dangerous. Arohi says he will die before he finds out. He has to pay for killing Vedika at least. I will kill deep. And then we all will go from here. Chawani says me too? She says yes we will all go together. Arohi says I will mix this poison in his food.

Roma says if she is living here she should be coming home. Virat says we have to be careful. someone from this house informs her about everything. I found this phone in the secret room. There is only one number in it. He dials on the phone the bells rings. Roma says its coming from someone close. Prithvi’s phone rings. Virat says it was you who was fooling us. Prithvi says what do you mean? Virat says I will kill him. Dep says calm down. Roma says stop it. Prithvi can’t do this. Virat says why can’t he? Virat says where is Arohi? Deep says Arohi was living in this house in the secret room and someone was helping her. Arohi mixes something in deep’s juice. Deep says we found this phone and it had your number. Prithvi says I found this phone and just came to ask whose phone is this and it rang. Deep says maybe he is right. We have to be together in this time. Roma says he is right. Virat leaves in anger. Arohi says I am going to my room. I don’t wanna eat after alll this. Arohi asks chawani to pack his bag. She says get ready. We will run before deep dies.

Deep takes his juice. He gets a text and stops. Aorhi says I wish I could see him dead. They leave. Arohi and deep run to garden. Arohi gets a phone. She picks.. Someone says please save me Arohi. Its Ritu’s voice. Arohi is dazed. Arohi says bhabhi.. Please tell me where are you? Phone cuts. arohi calls back again. Arohi says only deep would know where she is. I have to stop him from drinking that juice.

Arohi runs inside. Deep picks the glass and is about to drink the juice. Arohi comes running. Arohi says stop.. She throws the glass away. Deep says what happened. Arohi says there was poison in that juice. Roma says what are you doing? Deep says how do you know? Bindya says I made it. Arohi says arohi mixed it. She said she has given deep poison. Roma says what is this girl. Deep says she has to die now. Roma says I want her alive in front of me. I will decide what happens with her. Deep says okay mummy ji.

Precap-Deep comes to niku’s room and says you are the only way to bring her out. He is about to shoot her. arohi comes and says stop deep. She takes the gun from him. Deep says finally you came ouut.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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