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Ikyawann 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Susheel becomes a champion

Ikyawann 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Leela asking Jessica to beat Susheel. Jessica slams Susheel again. Susheel falls down. Dada ji comes there and asks Susheel to get up and win. Susheel cries seeing Dada ji. Mehul, Satya and others ask her to get up. Susheel thinks I can’t lose like this. She gets up to fight. Fighter Didi comes there. Susheel thinks of Fighter Didi’s words and hears a bell. She thinks Fighter Didi is trying to show me Jessica’s place. Susheel follows the sound and catches Jessica. She pushes Jessica and earns a point. Jessica catches Susheel from back and hurts her. Susheel thinks of Leela’s words.

She gets angry and throws away Jessica. She still has to make points. The fight goes on. Susheel pushes her down again. Leela worries. Susheel wins the match. The man announces Susheel as

the winner, she has become a champion by winning the impossible match. Everyone smiles and gets happy for Susheel’s win. Satya and everyone clap for Susheel. Fighter Didi comes to Susheel and says you have won a gold medal, you did it. She asks what happened. Kali asks them to come for prize distribution. Satya hides and sees Susheel being awarded. He secretly claps for her. Everyone applaud Susheel. The man says Susheel’s 51 number jersey has made everyone proud.

Susheel sees Dada ji. He feels sorry and leaves. Susheel goes after Dada ji. The man tells them that it won’t be surprising if all the children wear 51 number jersey, as 51 number is very lucky. Dada ji recalls his words and cries. Susheel hugs him. She asks Dada ji will he whole heartedly accept her. Dada ji says you have proved that nothing is tough if person gets determined, I never considered you worthy of anything, forgive me. Susheel cries. She says I have made my anger, my weaknesses as my strengths. She shows the gold medal. She makes Dada ji wear the gold medal. He feels proud. Dada ji and everyone hug her. They cry happily. Fighter didi looks on.

Leela says Susheel survived again. She gets angry. Susheel comes there and asks why did you do all this, your truth has to come out, you will bring it out yourself. Leela angrily pushes Susheel. Susheel gets hit by the wall and falls down. Leela says Susheel is gone and laughs. She says I should leave now, they will suspect me if they see me here. She goes. She thinks did anyone see Susheel’s dead body there. She asks Satya and everyone what happened. Satya and everyone look inside the bathroom. Satya says I will inform the staff. Leela looks inside and doesn’t see Susheel. She sees a scorpion. She thinks where did Susheel go. Mehul says I have to throw a party to celebrate Susheel’s win. Fighter Didi says sure, but where is she.

Satya says I thought to propose Susheel after her win, but where is she. He sees the ring. They all look for Susheel. Mehul asks where is she. Leela goes to washroom and looks for Susheel. She says did Susheel survive, how can this happen, there is no blood stain. She hides. Satya says Susheel is nowhere. Fighter Didi says she didn’t go to change. Mehul says Dada ji and we all were with Susheel. Kali says maybe she went to temple. Leela hides and gets Susheel’s chain. She says Susheel is dead, else she would have told everyone about me, someone carried her dead body, but who did it.

Satya gets shocked and says no, this isn’t possible, Susheel isn’t dead. He cries and tells everyone. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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