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Episode 7,Theme:Hatred.

After 8 years in Mumbai.

Scene 1:Police station .

Neil:How could I do that ,how could I kill a innocent man DD how and what if the file also says that he was innocent then how will I live with the burden of killing a innocent man .

DD: Sir ,if you didn’t got any burden when you left Avni Bhabi then why will you get a burden now .

Neil:Don’t take her name in front of me I HATE HER!

DD:How could you suspect her character how .

Neil:(holds DD’s collar )Don’t dare to say a word about her character.

A man comes there with a file and says Neil sir this file proves that the man was not innocent ,keeps the file and goes DD says sir you are still stuck between your mixed emotions  and goes Neil goes to his apartment and gets himself  drunk he takes  out a picture of avni points his finger towards it and says I hate you ,I just hate you because of you everyone deserted me everyone and why did you joined hands with. That Nishant ,to kill me.?

Scene 2 :Hyderabad .

Avni is sitting in a dark room with just a candle she is looking at Neil’s picture and is saying Loving you was the biggest mistake of my life you didnt even trust me because of you I lost my neela Maa because of you I coundnt tell Mowgli that you are his father I hate you Mr.Neil khanna I hate you ,suneheri says from behind Avni your mind is telling you to hate him but your heart will never hate him never suneheri goes from there and Avni cries..

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