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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu’s water rally

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly coming home to deliver the clothes. She slaps the party man and taunts him. She goes. Chaitu complains about the dirty water of the tanker supply. He couldn’t bath by it. Imli jokes on him. Chaitu asks them to get mineral water for his bath, he has to stay healthy so that govt stays healthy. People run in queue to get water. Janta says I m first, stop.

Janta stops the tanker and argues with the man for taking the tanker to minister’s house instead public. They beat the tanker driver and loot the water. Janta hides in the chaos. Khoji gives the news of people looting the tanker. Chaitu arranges mineral water for bath. Everyone gets ready to have bath with mineral water. Malai says I m dry cleaned and came. Jha asks Chaitu to hurry up, he has to

give buckets to everyone. Khoji shows the miracle as some taps got water today.

Janta gives the news byte to Khoji. He tells how he found a tap flowing down water. He says we forgot to fill water in excitement. Khoji says I heard CM is coming to give a bucket of water to everyone. Janta says we are waiting for him. Genda says its all a plan of Chaitu. Uncle asks her to collect all the water in a storage, they will attend Chaitu’s rally and get all the buckets. Genda says then public won’t get anything. Chaitu comes for the rally. Genda and her uncle join the rally in disguise. Chaitu acts great and donates a bucket to everyone. The people get shocked that the bucket is empty, it doesn’t have any water. Jha asks them to collect the buckets. Genda says this is cheat. Janta asks where is water. Chaitu says I fulfilled my promise and got the water buckets. Genda argues with Chaitu. They call Chaitu liar.

Chaitu manages to leave from there. Khoji says CM showed the opposition a thumb. Chaitu comes home and says I had to flee for my life, public has turned into goons. Monica asks Chaitu to deliver some water to people. Chaitu calls Pahelwan home and asks him to end the tanker strike. He asks him to deliver water to the people. Tanker driver refuses as the public beats badly. Chaitu says go and sell water, higher the rate. Pahelwan says provide security for tankers. Jha asks how can Chaitu do this. Chaitu says provide security to them, people shouldn’t die by water thirst. Khoji says no one can rob tankers now, the tankers have security now, tankers will loot people now.

Genda says Chaitu has ended the strike. Uncle says its hard to tell who has hurt whom in riots, we will instigate the public against Chaitu. Janta says we are already angry, our wives have troubled us a lot. He cries his miseries. Tanker comes to the locality. The driver sells the water. He asks them to come one by one. Janta says water is our right, we will take it for free. Public gets the sticks and beats tanker driver and police. Chaitu gets gifts for the kids. He tells them that they are getting 700 crores, he has made all arrangements, they will get gifts, Imli will own a house in London, Bahumath twill get an imported car. Everyone claps. Khoji tells about the people dying by the water scarcity.

Rajneeti says I m a good singer. She takes music classes. She sings so bad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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