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Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS- Episode 1


Ranveer and Priyanka are leading happy married life without Kamini Priyanka takes care of Ranveer’s mentally ill sister who was hit by Omkara’s car Ranveer was transferred to Dehradun shortly after his marriage with Priyanka now he is transferred back to Mumbai

Anika and Gauri still doesn’t know that they are sisters


Anika still doesn’t knows the truth about kalyani mills Roop didn’t tell her anything she just asked Veer to bring Anika at the place where Shivaay’s marriage was being taking place.Marriage rituals were started and Anika was looking at Shivaay hoping that somehow she could just stop it and put an end to Roop’s plan but she was helpless as Shivaay signalled her not to interrupt Shivaay stops the marriage in between enraged with this Roop tells Anika that oberois killed mr.kapoor and set fire on kalyani mills,blamed her father for this and under the pressure of false charges her father committed suicide Anika refuses to believe,Roop shows Anika pictures in her phone that she took and all the video footages she had Anika throwed Roop’s phone and it falls near feet of Ranveer,he picks up Roop’s phone and keeps it in his pocket seeing Ranveer Anika has a broad smile on her face and becomes broader when Ranveer speaks

Ranveer:[as Ranveer speaks a lady constable arrests Roop]Ms.Roop you’re under arrest on charges of multiple murders and false evidence forgery

Roop: You can’t arrest me you don’t have proof against me[she tries to free herself from handcuffs]

Ranveer: We have enough proves to build a strong case against and you don’t worry about the proves[Everyone was happy to see Ranveer but Shivaay had mixed emotions he was happy,relieved,confused and surprised at same time]

Rudra: [he gives Anika a tight hug and says sorry to her Rudra teases them both] Bhaiya-Bhabhi please get a room

Shivaay:[he releases Anika from his arms but still has his hand around her shoulder]Ranveer how did you got to know about all of this and most importantly when did you came back from Dehradun

Ranveer:[he looks down and has a grin on his face]I got transfer order three days ago I joined my duty here yesterday and about all this kalyani mills mess your lawyer told me

Shivaay:[Shivaay gave Ranveer a confused look]But I didn’t tell any of our family lawyers about this

Ranveer:[Ranveer clarified for everyone]A lawyer approached me yesterday and said he wanted to reopen a case on behalf of Oberois and he also said that he is gonna represent this case from side of Oberois in court and what surprised me most is he already has a date of tomorrow in court as if he already knew all of this is gonna happen

Shivaay:[Shivaay was curious now about this lawyer]Did he leave anything with you his contact or card[Ranveer handed him the card the lawyer gave him seeing that card Shivaay was astounded he knew the person but what he didn’t knew was that the person is lawyer]

Omkara:[he saw Shivaay’s changed expression and asked him]Shivaay do you know who it is?

Shivaay:[He kept card in his pocket and said]yes we’re acquainted


[Everybody comes back at Oberoi mansion and gets relieved that finally Roop’s drama is over Anika says]

Anika:You all must have been tired you get freshen up I will get the dinner ready[she leaves for kitchen]

Gauri:[Gauri turns to Bhavya and says]we should help her[Gauri and Bhavya leave to help Anika]


Shivaay:[He calls the lawyer who self hired himself for kalyani mills case]Pick up the damn phone[there was an answer from opposite end of call]

Lawyer:[he had a obviousness in his voice as if he knew Shivaay was gonna call him]it took you longer than I expected

Shivaay:[he was angry with that attitude]What do you want know last we had talk you made it pretty clear to me that you had nothing to do with me and my family So why do you wanna fight case for us now

Lawyer:[his voice was filled with regret and shame]I did a mistake and i wanna repent for it and i found it as the best way to repent

Shivaay:[He calmed his anger and said]okay this better be not any of your other stupid attempts to trouble my family and take this as a threat from Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Lawyer:[he had feel of content in his voice]I assure you tomorrow is the last time you will see me see you in the court Mr.Oberoi

[it’s morning and entire Oberoi family was going to court for the kalyani mills trial Ranveer was gonna be there too everyone left for the court]


[everyone greeted the judge and sat down  but the lawyer from Oberois side was late defence lawyer asked for another date]

Defence lawyer:[he was hired by Roop he one of the best in Mumbai]Your honor Mr.Oberoi has wasted a lot of time of court first they asked for an emergency date and now he[the lawyer of Oberois enters courtroom and apologizes to judge]

Lawyer:[in usual manner]I am really sorry your honor for being late again but this time it was really important work[while the lawyer was busy talking to judge as if talking to his friend entire Oberoi family had expression of shock visible on their faces]

Rudra:[voiced his thoughts which was basically everyone’s thought]How the hell he could be a lawyer?


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