Tuesday , September 29 2020


Karan & Sameer’s room.

Sam : You took a lot of time to find laptop.

Karan : Very funny.. here you go now do the assignment..

Sam : Oo.. helloo i have done mine.. now its only yours left and only you will do…

Just then shivanya enters..

Sam : Di.. you didn’t sleep yet..

Shiv : I was about then taiji gave me milk .. asked to give it to you guys..

Sam : I can’t beleive they thinks that we are kids.. means its age for drinking something cold and..

karan : Don’t worry.. our big brother is drinking alcohols….

shiv : What nonesense..

karan : Its not nonesense.. i have seen him…

Sam : Karan .. you have really bad homour sense..

Karan : Belive me .. guys there is something going of Adi bhai’s life..

Shiv : Okay.. wait until tomarrow we will ask him..

karan : No… do you think he will tell us..

Sam : Why can’t we talk about this in morning

Shiv : Sam is right .. Goodnight

Shivanya goes from their room and Sam is all set to sleep and Karan is in his assignment.



Jhanvi : What happened today you three came together..

Zoya : Umm. we thought of having a change..

Jhanvi : And whats all this..

Maya : Zoya has made dad’s walllet empty..

Jhanvi : Zoya!!!

Ashwin : Jhanvi don’t stare at my daughter ..Be ready tomarrow as we have to go somewhere..

Jhanvi : Where??

Maya : Out of country..

Zoya : India..

Jhanvi : India and you want me to belive you..

Ashwin : Its true..

Ashwin takes hos phone and goes.. Jhanvi follows him..

Jhanvi : Whay are doing in your phone..

Ashwin : I was trying to call. Manav to inform that we are comming back..

He calls manav

Manav : Hello.

Ashwin : Hello.. manav its me ashwin

Manav : I know .. What made you call in middle of night..

Ashwin : Middle of night??

Manav : You forgot that we are in india and your in london

Ashwin : Oh.. sorry actually i wanted to tell you that we are shifting back to india..

Manav : Like seriously.. I ..

Ashwin : So i thought if you are free you could pickup us from Airport..

Manav : At when time will you arrive

Ashwin : Afternoon..

Manav : I.. i am not free tomarrow .. but i will send Adi.. he will pick you up..

Ashwin : Adi..

Manav : Ha.. my nephew..

Ashwin : I know that adi is your nephew but how will he recoginise me..

Manav : Don’y worry i will show him you pictures… ok bye..

Ashwin : Yeah.. hye and sorry for disturbing in middle of your sleep..

they all dine for dinner.. After that they goes to there respective room. And sleep..



Mahesh, Manav and Manish are having their breakfast.. Dada and Dadi are having coffee..

Shivanya , Aditi and tanvi are serving them..

Arjun comes down wishing everyone.. He also dines down.. Aarti comes there in her school uniform.. Kavya is also coming behind her holding some flies . They both also dines down..

Aarti : Mom.. i have PTA meeting today..

Tanvi : Why can’t you tell this a minute early..

Aarti : I forgot..

Tanvi : I have an appoinment today and ican’t come..

Kavya : So whats the big deal.. i will come

Aditi : Where is the other doctor

Abhi : Here mom..

He also come following him Karan and sameer also comes..

Mahesh : So everyone came ..

Just then Ragini comes running and takes an apple and was about to go running but adi holds her

Adi : We are you running to

Ragini : Bhai.. i have special classes today but i forgot..

Adi : Don’t worry and have your breakfast .. i will drop you and we will make it up in drive..

Adi : In fact today i will drop you all..

Sam : Are you mad…

Mahesh : That means you are not comming to office..

Adi : Iys not nesscary that deal on which i have been working is completed.. There is no need of me until you give me a new project

Mahesh : But you can help..

Dadi : If he is not feeling to work today.. leave him na..

Manav : Adi as you are taking off.. Can you do a helo for me..

Adi : Yep.. tell me chahu..

Manav : My friend Ashwin and his family are shifting back to india..After a long time could you please pick them

Adi : Yeah why not.. but how will i identify them..

Manav : I will sent you his photo and Flight no..

Adi : Okay cool

Adu also have his breakfast and elders all leave and youngsters leve in Adi’s car.

Frist he drops Aarti to her school and when she sees her bestfriend she runs towards her..

Arjun : Bye chotti(nickname of aarti)

Aarti goes to him ..

Aarti : I have told you guys not to call me chotti in front of my friends..

She walks towards her school

Adi : Sorry chotti

Shivu : Forgive us chotti..

Karan : Chotti we will never

Sam : Call you chotti..

Ragini : Bye chotti

Aarti runs from there.. and all others smile..

Later adi drops Ragini to her college and then Arjun to his office.. Then karan and sameer to their college.. Abhi to his hospital and finally Shivu to her dance class..

And he goes to a park..


Zoya and jhanvi are all set to go to india.. Zoya being excited can’t stop smiling.. Their car arrives and The four gets into vechile ..

Ashwin on the driving seat.. Jhanvi on the front seat and maya nd zoya on the backseat

Maya leans to zoya’s sholder with an emotional face..

Soon they reach airport and board the flight..


Adi gets a message of his cahchu (Manav)

Adi : Mehrotras.. ummm..

He drives to the airport..




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