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Ek Deewana Tha 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: KK fails to rescue Suvarna

Ek Deewana Tha 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK opens the hidden door and walks inside. He sees Suvarna tied up with mouth covered. He thinks this is what Bedis had hidden. Now they can’t save themselves. He goes to her and tells her not to be worried. He will take her out from there.

Rajan tells Akash and Shivani that lately many things have happened. He wants them to re-think about their film and their marriage too.

KK was freeing Suvarna. Someone comes there and attacks him on his head with a rod. Rajan and others hear KK’s scream and rush outside. From other side, Radhika also comes. They search KK, but cannot find him anywhere. Akash says there is only one place now, basement. They forgot to close door. They go there and find KK unconscious on floor. Radhika feels the pain. She wonders what’s happening to

her. He behaved so badly with her, she still worries for him. What is unclear picture that keeps coming in her mind. Radhika says she will call doctor.

Later, KK gets flashbacks and wakes up. Shivani asks if he is okay. He asks whether she knows any Sharanya. Rajan and Madhvi get worried. Shivani says no. Radhika comes in the room. Akash asks KK what he was doing in basement. KK remembers Suvarna. He tells everyone there is a lady in there. Rajan says there is no one. Shivani also says her and Akash went to basement moments before him and they couldn’t see anyone. Rajan tells Akash, he warned him not to open the door. All this is being done by that ghost. KK says that wasn’t a ghost. Madhvi tells him that he must have misunderstood. Rajan says exactly. KK furiously says how much they will lie? They have kept the lady there. Everyone gets serious. KK laughs and says he was just joking. Akash asks how he got hurt. KK says it was very dark, he lost his balance and fell down. Radhika says thank god there is no ghost there. They can live there if they want, but she’s leaving. Shivani goes behind her. Rajan observes KK.

Later, Rajan tells Madhvi that KK was lying. He saw Suvarna. Madhvi asks why he would lie? Rajan says he kept saying he saw a lady, and as soon as he said they shall leave this house, he said he was joking. He wants to stay in this house only and find out their secrets. Madhvi asks now what? Rajan says they will have to be alert and make sure what they are avoiding for years doesn’t happen now.

Radhika is packing her bag. KK is standing at the door. She tells him not to try to stop her. He says he said in anger, he did mistake and got punished for it too in basement. He also apologizes her. She is still not convinced. He says KK said sorry to her and she will still leave? He promises her this will not happen again. She says he won’t get another chance to do this as she won’t be there. And once she takes a decision, she doesn’t change it. He locks the door. She asks what he is doing? He said sorry. She says she has decided to leave. He smiles and tells her to go then. She can’t reach door stopper on top. She asks him to open the door. He says no, what she will do? She throws her bag at him. He says now even her bag is with him. She tries to snatch it and falls down. He says sorry, he didn’t mean it. She takes her bag and starts walking. He grabs her hand says, “Sharanya please don’t leave me”. She turns and looks at him.

Precap: Radhika asks KK what he called her? He says why does it matter? She says it matters to her. KK says Sharanya….

Update Credit to: Simmy

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