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Dil Se Dil Tak 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth and Teni come across each other

Dil Se Dil Tak 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teni buys an ice-cream for herself in the food court of the mall. Indu was sitting on a nearby table but couldn’t see Teni there. Parth tries to convince Ipshita that the lady must have left the mall. He promises to buy her a good bag in USA. Ipshita was irked at Teni. Parth takes Ipshita upstairs. Ipshita spots Teni on the escalator opposite to theirs. Teni looks back and recognizes Parth as the same person from the gang who kidnapped her. She makes face towards Parth and runs outside the mall. Parth leaves Ipshita in the food court and hurries out of the mall. He stops a lady in a similar dress, then apologizes as it wasn’t Teni. Teni decides to leave the mall as soon as possible, else she will be trapped in between the father-daughter duo. She hides herself from Parth.
In the food court,

Iqbal waits for Teni and wonders why she didn’t call her. He gets a call from Ammi who scolds her where he has been, if he is helping Teni or is eating something spicy in the mall. Iqbal lies that he went to washroom, there might be no network there. After the call, Iqbal was still in the food court. Parth comes there looking for the girl. Iqbal asks if he is looking for girlfriend, Parth recalls his marriage with Teni and denies. Iqbal tells Parth she will come to him; his Ammi says if something is in his fate, it would come to him anyway. He says he waited for his girlfriend to accept his proposal for four hours, they are marrying in next fifteen days. He then asks Parth about his girlfriend. Parth says she was mischievous, full of life and always cheery; he hasn’t met her for last four years as well. Iqbal recognizes all the traits and was about to show him Teni’s photo but couldn’t find one. Iqbal shares his business card with Parth, and even presents his wedding invitation to Parth. When Parth has left, Iqbal prays he gets whoever he loves. He then thinks about Teni.
Outside the mall, Iqbal finds Teni already in the car. He gets inside calling her strange, he has been looking for her all around and she is here. Teni asks him to hurry out of here, a crazy man was stalking her in the mall. Iqbal says he wish to punch that man on face first. Teni warns if she goes crazy, they will have to spend their honeymoon in the jail.
In the room, Indu discuss with Parth where they must find Teni in this huge city. Ipshita finds the wedding card in the bag and inquires about it. Parth says it’s nothing important, he just met an interesting man in the mall. Ipshita reads, Iqbal weds Teni. Parth and Indu were shocked to hear the name. Ipshita calls Teni a strange name. Parth and Indu share a strange look. Indu was sure Teni loved Parth and is Ipshita’s mother, this must be another girl. Parth says Teni saw him in the mall and didn’t recognize him, this means she still suffers the memory loss. He decides not to interfere in their lives anymore.

PRECAP: Ipshita cries in front of deceased Shorvari’s photo that Parth cancelled the plan of Disney Land and returned home.

Update Credit to: Sona

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