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san-we r doing romance.

swara shocked with sanskar’s words.

utt-wah bhai, wow u r doing romance in office and u r saying that directly to ur sister.

bhai r u there .bhaaaaaiiiii(uttara shouted loudly). with that sanskar came to senses.

san-uttu y r u shouting like that.

utt-wah now I am shouting .I called u three times.

san -okay tell me y u came here.

utt-ohh I forgot that , actualy papa called me  and said he wants to talk with you . So, I came to give phone to talk to papa.

san-what papa is in line?

utt-yes bhai, sorry.I fo4r got.

sw-ohh no . what will papa think.

will he complain to my dad.

san – what u dad uttu.Is papa still on line.


san-swara don’t worry I will talk to papa.uttu give me phone.

sanskar on phone with ram.


ram-I called u many times u didn’t lift my I called uttu. u , uttu,&swara come home immediately.

san-yes dad.

sanskar cut the call and turn swara side.

san-swara dad told me to come home immediately with u and uttara.

sw-sanskar I am feeling tense.

san-don’t worry swara everything will be alright.Let’s go.

swara sanskar and uttara went home.

At home:

All elders are sitting in hall  and waiting fore 3 youngsters.

3 get down from there car ..sanskar took swara hand and went inside.

Elders saw them.

swara and sanskar stand infront of elders.uttara stand side.

san-papa, mamma, uncle ,aunty,I want to say one thing that I love swara and swara also loves me.


sanskarinterrepted ram

san-I know dad u r angry with me.

sujju-beta , u didn’t know y we called u.

sw-ma , papa, I am sorry.But sanskar is my lilfe.

san-Yes swara is my life.I want to marry swara.

all elders laugh at the same time.

swra and sanskar shocked seeing that.

suju-sanskar we called u here for talking about ur marriage with swara.

But U guys give us surprise.

ram-yes suju we thought our son is small but see here

all laughed.

swasan in unison-u guys scared us really.

suju-shomi ji now we can directly prepare for engagemnt and shadi for our children.

shomi-yes sujatha ji u said correctly.

all laughed happily. and swasan took elders blessings.

so the muhurth for engagement is after 2 days ram said loudly.

precap:swasan engagement.

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