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Brother’s Love (part-2)

This part is starting from, Vincy is coming to home and telling to her mom about her new job.

Vincy: (smiling and calling her mom loudly) mom…. Mom….

Mom: Y are you screaming? Tell me.

Vincy: mom… I got a job. I have to go for training from tmrw. But the distance is very far. I have to adjust this until finishing the training.

Mom: no problem…for training only know. I know this is very small thing for you.

Vincy: then… OK..I have to sleep again. Because I am going to do work from tomorrow know… So I won’t get time to sleep too…(she runs from there to sleep. Her mom smiling slightly at her)

Next day morning,  she is getting ready and telling to everyone and going with her dad to that place. Because she doesn’t know the place. So her dad is going to her by bus. Later, they reached the place. But they can’t able to find the building. Because there are many buildings. They see the land mark. Then, they are seeing a watchman outside of some buildings. They are asking to him. The watchman is showing the building. They thank him and going to that building.

Dad: Vincy… I too want to come inside of building or you can go lonely?

Vincy: don’t want dad… I will go myself. I know the place now.

Dad : ok dear… Bye

Vincy: bye… Dad… (smiling)

She is entering to the room. She is seeing many people there. But all are boys. She is searching for the girls to make friends. But she can’t. So she is sadly siting on the chair. She is looking around the place. In that room,  all are looking at each other. Later,  three girls are coming there. She gets happy. She thinks,  oh my god… Thank you god. You sent some girls for me to make them as my friends. She is smiling at them. They are smiling too.

Then,  later her trainer come there. The trainer introducing himself. He says,  his name Arjun, He is introducing one more trainer too. His name is Ragul. Vincy gets tension. Because that both trainers are talking in fluent English. She doesn’t know English well. Because she studied not in matriculation school. She is getting struggle.

Vincy: (Mind Voice) OMG!!! How I will talk in English. It’s very tough. And there are many people. All are looking like professionals. They will laugh at me if I talk in English and I hate English…. God… Pls help me.. (she is getting tension. And she is seeing everyone and they are introducing themselves. One guy introduces himself. His English is little bit mistake. So the trainer (Ragul) is teasing and shouting him in front of everyone. Her blood pressure is increasing more) Next is Vincy.

Vincy: (Stands up) my name is Vincy. I completed…I….l…like this work because I like to selling products to the customers…(she thinks,  I don’t want to tell this. But what to do… I want to say this anyway)

Ragul(trainer 2): (laughing and imitating her in front of everyone) what is this… Why so much gape is coming when you introduce about yourself.

Vincy: (looking around and everyone. They are looking at her. But smiling. She is getting more angry inside and she wants to give one slap on his face) nothing sir..

Then another guy is talking…all are listening.

Vincy: (angrily mind voice) my respect is gone in front of everyone. That idiot insulted me. I don’t want him as my trainer.

Ragul went outside. Arjun (trainer 1) is coming there.

Arjun: Hi people…. How are you all… Actually  he is not our area trainer. So don’t worry guys. He will come only for 2 days. I am a trainer. And you people don’t want to talk in English always. Even,  I too do many mistakes. So you people can talk in your own language.

Vincy hears this and she is getting more happy. (mind voice) OMG!!! Super.. Heis not my trainer. Ragul will go after 2 days..  Now only I am happy. But I have to bear him for 2 days… It’s OK no problem.

Arjun: guys… He is coming, so everybody please be quiet.

All are becoming silent.

Lunch time….

Arjun: guys… Half an hour is lunch break. After that must come to the room in a right time. There,  the lunch is there, for the training period, don’t want to bring lunch.

All are getting happy. And they are going to get meals. They take parcels, sitting and eating. Vincy is opening the parcel. She is seeing delicious meals. But she is getting sad.

Vincy: how I will eat this… There is more meal. (but she eats everything anyway)

Again, the training is started and she is asking the time to another boy. He is telling the time to her. She gets moodout. ((mind voice) I feel sleepy. Still he didn’t finish the day. Idiot…. Look at his face…like a white monkey. I want to go home first) she is getting more angry on Ragul. Later,  he finished the training.



Arjun said, there are many people… So I am going to make this like groups. Vincy is getting nice friends and brothers there.













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