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Bepannaah 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya and Mahi plan Aditya’s birthday party

Bepannaah 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

At home, Mahi wasn’t ready to take permission from mummy for arranging Aditya’s birthday party. Noor tries to convince Zoya that the birthday celebration might worsen things between her and Aditya, and leaving house likes thieves is stupidity. Mahi tries to stop Noor; Noor argues Mahi has no right to interfere in their conversation. Noor takes Zoya aside to convince her. Zoya tries to explain she took the decision thoughtfully and is doing everything for Yash. Mahi takes Zoya while asking Noor to guard Mom and not let her come to office. As Zoya and Mahi jump out of the window, Noor was irked over Mahi as she has done some magic over her sister. In the office, Zoya thanks Mahi for all her support and asks her help in creating a collage of Aditya’s photos.
Aditya was sleeping. He dreams about

his past birthdays with Pooja. She had come to wish him with the family, then asked him to make a wish. He told him he wished she wished him on each of his birthday like this. He narrated her a nightmare in which she was in a dessert with someone else, hand in hand. Pooja promised that it would never happen. Aditya wakes up to find Pooja standing in the room with Yash. Aditya cries pleading her not to do this to him. Pooja and Yash wished him together and vanished.
In the office, Mahi asks Zoya if she got the photo of their first meeting. Zoya says it’s impossible to get them.
Aditya watched the past photos of Pooja. He drank, sang ‘Abhi na jao chor k’, and questions why Pooja left him so soon. He was now walking down the street when he watches the call from ‘Fake Mother’, Anjana. Harsh returns home. Anjana was worried that its Aditya’s routine, nothing to worry about. Anjana says at least they shouldn’t say this today, it’s his birthday. Harsh taunts that alright, it’s his birthday so they must forget about every of his mistakes. Anjana curtly replies when she can forget his ill habits, why not Aditya’s; after all he is Harsh’s son. Harsh tells Anjana he is after solving problems from Aditya’s life and cares about him, he only doesn’t show.
Zoya and Mahi discuss about the venue of the party, about inviting Aditya’s friends and family and importantly Aditya to the party.
Noor was gulping a roll of bread when Yash’s mother comes to ask about Zoya and Mahi. Noor poses of not being able to speaking while eating, she sits there to wait. Noor says they are in office, working. Yash’s mother asks what’s so important that Mahi forgot her phone home, and goes to office to figure out what’s cooking. Noor was tensed and comes with her.
Zoya was worried as the battery of phone is about to go dead. Aditya comes to office drunk. Zoya tries to hide all the work files so that Aditya can’t see. Aditya was shocked to see Zoya and question why she always have to work In his cabin, can’t she work at home? He smiles that she must be watching filthy movies here and tries to peek into laptop screen. Zoya attempts to stop him, both fell over the couch. Aditya sings for Zoya and doesn’t let him get up. Noor and Mummy arrives in the office and find them together. Mummy leaves while Noor was shocked to see Zoya and Aditya together. Mahi was shocked to see Aditya and go into the cabin. Zoya goes behind Mummy to explain herself but she wasn’t ready to accept. Mummy says people blame her son, and its Zoya in such a bad state with this stranger. She says may be Yash knew already she is characterless.
At home Arjun calls Aditya’s number in presence of Anjana and Harsh. Noor takes the call. Aditya was behaving strangely, jumping on and off the couch. Noor was unable to speak to Arjun while Mahi screamed over him for leaving her hair. The three were shocked to realize Aditya was with two girls somewhere. Zoya comes in and hurries to go home as Mummy is upset. Aditya was unconscious now and sleeps over Zoya’s lap. Zoya attends Arjun’s call, the three were shocked to hear third voice. Zoya says Aditya is in office and is badly drunk. The family was relieved. Arjun promises to be there soon, she should stay in the office with him. Zoya insists on Noor and Mahi to leave and make mummy understand, while she stays with Aditya. Zoya finds Aditya’s phone and decides to transfer his and Pooja’s photos in the laptop. She was sure Pooja’s ill memories would vanish after the party. Arjun arrives at the office.
The next morning on breakfast table, Zoya recalls Mummy ji’s blame over her character last night. Noor tries to cheer them up, then thinks there is only a melodrama of this mother-daughter in law duo in this house. Mahi comes to share an idea with Zoya.
Harsh was in his office and recalls Pooja once said there is a proof. He decides to get the diary in any case, else his secret would be revealed.

PRECAP: Aditya blames Zoya for being responsible for the party. She will now have to bear the consequences as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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