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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Promo)

Hi guyzs I hope you all liked the previous part .

Adi- reached his company..

adi – where is zoya..

akansha- sir… Vo.

adi- what.. Akansha..tell me where is zoya.?

Akansha-(teary eyes) she left… She left ..

adi in shock

@ airport

zoya-( thinking) I’m Srry ….but I cannot handle all these things . I had to do this…

she gets a call from unknown no..

zoya- hello..

person- meet me at plalace cafe.. Of massorie…if u want to know the truth of that accident

zoya- who are u?

p- meet me there tommorow @5 pm

zoya- sure.. But how will I identify you

p- I will call you and wave my hand

zoya- ok … I hope information is benificial.

person cuts call

zoya gets another call

zoya- hello Noor…(crying)

noor- Apii.. What are the interns saying Apii…  You left Mumbai..?

zoya- yes.. Noor I was going to tell u everything

noor- when Apii..

zoya-Noor it’s announcement of my flight I have to go.. Plzz Noor..

she hung up the call..

adi- (he was listening everything) where are you zoya? What happened suddenly?

who was that person? What’s the mystery behind that accident ? What  will be adi’s reaction. Will he  try find zoya ? To know answer to all these question read bepannah- mohabbat hai meri

guyzs this was just a promo update I will post next part soon

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