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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 16)

Hi guyzs iam back with next part of my ff. Guyzs thanks for supporting my ff so here is the next part of my ff.

Next day aditya woke up . After that day last night was the first night he slept peacefully without drinking. He have somewhere now realised that punishing himself and zoya for what pooja and yash and pooja did was of no use . From today he was a new aditya hooda at least he promised to try his level best.

aditya- oh no shit .. Aditya it’s 10 am what the hell.. You are getting late .

he went to get ready . After some time

aditya- ma… Ma…

Anjana-yes adi… Are you fine

aditya- ma..I’m feeling hungry…

Anjana was very happy as since long time his son never demanded anything .

anjana- yes son.. Tell me what you want to eat I will prepare it in 2 min…

aditya-( hugging her) today..mom and son will hang out together…

Anjana- oh my god my old adi is back…

adi- trying to do so ma…

Anjana – I will get ready and come.. In 2 min

they were on their way

adi- Bhaiya..right turn plzzz

anjana – but adi… We should take left turn na…

adi- ma.. Vo let’s take zoya too na. I will pick her up from office.

Anjana- as you wish.. Waist adi zoya is very nice girl

adi- I know(smiling)

@ hospital

zoya went there to find out the truth whether pooja was pregnant or not.she reached hospital where she was admitted .

zoya- nurse ..( showing Pooja’s pic) do you know her.?

nurse – no mam I don’t know her,you can check on reciption

z0ya- thank you..

zoya went to reciption

zoya- do you know her

one nurse-pooja mam..


Nurse-she is fine ..na. Her baby .

zoya- baby?

nurse- yes.. She was 2 months pregnant na.. She wanted to abort the child but doc suggested not to do so. She and her husband was very confused

zoya showed pic of aditya

zoya- he came with her ?

nurse nodded in no..

she showed yash pic

zoya- he came with her..

nurse -yes.. Both of them came.. Her husband was very caring

zoya was very shocked as there was no reason to deny that pooja and yash was going yo have their baby

zoya-thank u

she left

zoya was on her way

zoya-(thinking) why should I cry( sipping her tears) he betrayed me. He was on fault .i can’t face his mom, Mahi, they trust yash . I can’t break trust and now as I know truth I can’t even hide it. I have to leave.aditya will handle company . If I will not be there he will definitely manage everything.

suddenly she realised ..that aditya’s pain

zoya-(thinking) what about aditya? He so much disturbed when he came to know that yash and pooja may be in relationship and now when he will get to know about Pooja’s pregnancy . No zoya you cannot beso cruel ..no you have to leave…

she called Vinod and asked him to arrange tickets for massorie

adi reached his office

adi- zoya.. Zoya…

Akansha- sir..

adi-akansha- where is zoya..

Akansh- adi sir( cring) zoya mam left.

adi- what? Where ? When?

akansha told about call zoya made

adi- how can u leave me zoya. You can’t do this to me…

he left angrily

@airport zoya checked in

zoya gets a call


perspn-if you want to get information for yash and Pooja’s accident meet me in massorie ‘s palace cafe

zoya- who are u

person- remember truth can destroy ur life

he hung up the call

Zoya -aise kya at hai

Both adi and zoya missed each other. Let’s see. What destiny unfolds for them

doncomment guyzs

love kanika


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