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Badho Bahu 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Avinash breaks his alliance with Titli

Badho Bahu 23rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Titli regrets she got Lucky caught. All this time she was waiting for him to come. Raghuveer asks Lucky why he kidnapped Titli. Sangram interferes that there is nothing to explain, he has let his father down. Lucky has done a big mistake, his punishment will be decided by villagers. Titli asks him who he is to decide what will happen. It’s Lucky and Raghuveer’s house matter. Ghanshyam agrees with Sangram. Raghuveer says punishment will be given by person who had to suffer. He takes Lucky home.

Komal feels Lucky is in trouble. She prays for him.

Avinash was going out. Just then Titli enters. Avinash is still angry and says his rifle will come down only when he catches fake Mucchad Singh. He will punish him such a way that he will never forget. Titli says there is no need for

that. Sangram tells Avinash that he doesn’t need to catch the criminal, he’s here. Raghuveer brings Lucky in.

Malti is shocked. She asks how that is possible. Raghuveer says he saw everything with his own eyes. He asks her to look at Lucky’s dress. What more proofs are needed? Sangram says everyone knows Raghuveer never lies. Panchayat will take decision what to do with Lucky. Avinash says he will decide Lucky’s punishment today itself. He points rifle at him. Everyone is shocked. Avinash fires a shot. Malti screams Luckyyy, but nothing happened to him as Title stepped in and changed direction of the rifle. She tells Avinash not even think about touching Lucky. Avinash is confused. Malti tells Titli not to say anything, she will talk to Lucky. She asks Lucky to tell the truth. Titli told him to help, right? Lucky says she didn’t say anything. She didn’t even know it was him as fake Mucchad Singh. Sangram says now even Lucky accepted his crime, so he needs to be punished as soon as possible. Titli says it’s not his fault. Lucky asks her to stay quiet. She asks why? She tells everyone it’s not Lucky’s fault only. She had told him that she doesn’t want to do this engagement. She further says, she tried to tell that to everyone, but no one listened to her. Only Lucky listened to her and understood her. He did this for their friendship. She apologizes Avinash for not telling him directly that she didn’t want to marry him. Avinash’s mom says she will break this alliance. Titli was never fit for wedding and now she ran away too. She will never get Avinash married to such girl. She leaves with Avinash. Titli’s dad is hurt. Titli says she tried a lot, but she couldn’t be convinced. She tells him everything will be fine. Sangram interrupts that everything will be fine only when Lucky is punished for his crime. Ghanshyam agrees. He says they will call a meeting tomorrow and decide Lucky’s punishment. Sangram, Ghanshyam leave.

Titli asks Raghuveer whether Lucky will really be punished? Their matter is solved, then why panchayat has to interfere? Raghuveer leaves. Titli’s brother takes his dad away. Vardaan tells Lucky he should have at least talked to them about such big decision. Pragya supports Lucky. Kamla asks her to go inside. She doesn’t need to say anything. Everyone leaves one by one, leaving Lucky and Titli alone.

In room, Pinky asks Kamla why she is so quiet? Lucky comes there and tells Kamla that he wants her to call Komal back tomorrow itself.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Rhea

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