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Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 22


Let’s begin…

Rag was trying trying and trying but she couldn’t pull the comfort… So she slowly peeps out and sees Sanskar smiling at her….

She smiles sheepishly

Rag: oh teri… Now i remember…i had to ask mom..

She runs from there…

Sanskar laughs

Ragini went to kitchen where her mom was present

Ragini: mummaa

Janki looks at her being shocked: what??

Ragini: tomorrow it’s rasoi rasam in mm… Some guests are coming

Janki: so you are expecting me to come there and do the rasoi

Rag: mummaaaa.. She cries

Janki: jokes apart.. So where were you whole day!? You got alive at night

Rag 😦😦😦: are you my mom or step mom

Naina from behind: what happened?

Rag:dii.. Tomorrow is my Rasoi rasam

Naina:bana dena tumhari Read velvet cake

Rag: but all are coming from village na

Raghav entering the scene: so what? Let them taste your cakes fast foods!

Ragini: ha that’s great!

She goes

Janki: what you both did! What if they don’t like this…

Raina: nothing will happen ma.. Chill..!!

Ragini peeps out and see sanskar is in with some serious discussion with arjun…

She slowly goes upstairs and runs to her room and falls on her bed covering the comfort from head to toe

She wasn’t getting the sleep…
She remembers the way of telling her feelings

Rag: oh my god it’s so embarrassing.. Now how would i gave HIM

she just then listens the door latching

She closes her eyes!!

Sanskar sees Ragini sleeping…

He goes to washroom

Rag under the comfort: Ragini think think think 🤔🤔🤔 normally i get many ideas why don’t i get today 😭😭 Even after thinking to an extent where my brain will burst any moment..Ragoo…she takes a deep breath and and closes her eyes

And sanskar pulls down her comfort

He sees her sleeping peacefully.. According to him and according to Ragini she isn’t sleeping only 😜

Sanskar was just starting her lovingly

And Ragini who is acting to be in sleep is having raising of heartbeats as she was feeling his intense gaze…

San: you are so beautiful Ragini

Her cheeks were burning she could feel a strong force pulling her cheeks… oh my god it’s so much tough to FALL in love 😛

San: both inside and out…tum bahar se ek strong ladki ho par andhar se masoom si gudiya

Rag herself:Oh my god…. It was.. How would i explain my situation don’t ever try to be in Sleep in front of the person with whom you FALL in love..hmm correction FELL in love

San: you cute behaviours makes me weak for you…i..i think I’m totally madly in love with you … Somewhere i was sad that you are not ready for the relation and today you removes those barrier in my mind and trust me i won’t force you even now i will wait for you even if it takes ages!

That’s it!

Ragini opened her eyes…

And sat…

Sanskar was somewhere feeling nervous that if she took him wrong in case if she have listened him!

In the next moment he got a shock of his life that she kissed him….

She kissed him!

This was a shocking…. Ragini… Kissed him.. The charming calm matured husband of her..her the girl who was no less than a devil! Is this the journey of devil to girl??hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔

To be continued…….

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