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Agnifera 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Parag’s Wicked Plan

Agnifera 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag reminisces Abhimanyu asking Ragini to be the way she is and he does not want her to change. He emotionally thinks Ragini cannot leave him alone, he loves her a lot. He packs his clothes hopelessly. Parag walks in and asks if he lost hope so soon and his love for Ragini vanished so soon. Anurag says the way Ragini tested Abhimanyu, and Abhimanyu passed it, he feels Ragini will marry Abhimanyu. Parag says he should not lose hope soon, he will help him in his mission. Anurag says now he is confident and asks why he wants to help. Parag says his amma tells if one wants to test a person, they have to give multiple chances. He says though Ragini and Vikral are hurt, Ragini still loves him. Anurag says even he loves her. Parag says let us plan now.

Divya tells Vidhvan that Baiju has kidnapped

Shristi, they should not have trusted him, they should file police complaint. Brij says he already called police. Vidhvan says he will go to police station again.

Anurag and Parag’s drama continues. Anurag says what if Abhimanyu finds out that I am Ragini’s husband and staying here. Parag says Abhimanyu will be disheartened.

Vidhvan goes to police and files Shristi’s missing complaint. Baiju hears that and questions all goons in the surrounding areas.

Vikral asks Vani why did she call Pandit when Ragini and Abhimanyu have accepted each other already. Vani says they should match kundalis. Pandit checks kundalis. Anurag serves them tea. A lady with child walks in and says she is Anurag’s wife Dolly and girl is Anurag’s daughter Pinky. Anurag acts who is she, revealing he and Parag hired them. Anurag says he does not know her. She hugs him. Parag asks who is she. She says Anurag’s wife and Anurag married her in Shimla. Ragini says Anurag did not go to Shimla at all. Anurag says yes. Dolly warns Ragini to mind her business and continues requesting Anurag to return with her to Shimla. Vikral asks Vani to throw Anurag’s bags out before Ragini reveals anything. Ragini warns Dolly to get out. Dolly warns not to interfere between husband and wife. Parag interferes and says they are boss and employee, he knows Anurag is married to someone else. Dolly says whom he is married to then.

Precap: Ragini tells Dolly that Anurag is married to her. Baiju rescues Shristi and dorns her pallu on her. Shristi thinks he tried to misbehave with her and slaps him, she gets him arrested. His aide tells Baiju risked his life and rescued her, but she got him arrested. Shrist holds injured and limping Baiju.

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