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  Aankhon mein Teri 

Episode – 16

RECAP :- Grandpa tells the truth , Janki and Naina meets at Temple , Naina is shocked to know about her mom
тσ∂αу’ѕ єριѕσ∂є вєgιиѕ , Inside Hospital ..

Grandpa holds his chest as it has started beating loudly and hardly , He drops on the bed .

Grandpa : what ! Naina has heard everything , No !!

Ahil holds him ” Don’t worry it might not be true ”

Grandpa : No she has , Since her birth I was afraid of this only and now that moment has come , Oh god

Ahil keeps his hands on his ” Believe me I’ll not let anything wrong to happen , This is my promise to I’ll bring her back to you ”

Grandpa : She’ll do something to herself , Go Ahil now .

’ ..

Adesh : I’ve called Mr.Mukesh he’s coming here in evening with his daughter

Janki : wow ! I’m really excited to see Nitya

Ad : And moreover Ahil and Nitya are school friends

Janki : Remember he used to take extra lunch just because Nitya liked Ahil’s tiffin

Ad : Haha !!! Ya ! But where’s your lovely son , Did you called him

Janki : He’s busy somewhere , But I’m sure he’ll come by evening .

Ad : Okay Now let’s have lunch , Come .

Ahil comes to Pinky .

Pinky : See , Her phone is here only , God knows where’s she now

Ahil : Oh good , Don’t know what she would have heard

Pinky : She was already in stress since morning

Ahil : What ? but why !

Pinky : Sorry but she has ordered me not to tell anyone

Ahil : In few hours the sun will set , She can’t even see , Don’t know where would she be and in what condition !

Pinky : Oh god come on let’s try to find her

Ahil and Pinky hurriedly and rapidly dispersed into different corners of road , They asked the people passing by if they had seen Naina by showing her picture . All of their efforts were futile .

Ahil runs into the woods and stood huffing badly ” Naina where have you gone , I’m sacred that you shouldn’t do something to yourselves ”

HE sees Naina in the picture : Please don’t do anything to yourselves , I’ve promised my heart , And Grandpa that I’ll find you , I’ll not let anything happen .

’ …
Naina went back to Temple , She was sitting on the stairs ,  Beside a river , Behind the temple .

Naina : My mom !! Yes she did a blunder , I don’t have right to live , I’ll die , And also I’m a load for all .

She stood up and steps forward , Forward towards the river .

Naina : I’m not Rai I’m Verma , I don’t have mom or dad , And I got one friend and that too is not mine .

Naina steps forward and jumps into the river .

’ ….

Ahil holds his head ” No ! no she can’t do anything what I’m thinking , I’ve to think where can she go ”

Ahil thinks that she can go o my to temple from there because it’s the only place of which the route is learnt to her .

Pinky : Ahil Bhai ! now what shall we do

Ahil : I think Naina must have gone to Temple , It’s near from here

Pinky : Come let’s go then !

Ahil : See , It’s going to be dark now , You just go home and don’t tell anyone that Naina is missing and anything else okay .

Pinky : But Bhai !!! , He ran away .

’ ..

Adesh And Janki welcomes Mukesh and His family .

Janki : Welcome Mis.Rupal and Mr.Sham Mukesh .

Rupal : It’s so nice to meet you after such a long time

Sham and Adesh Hugs each other .

Sham : Now our age old friendship will turn into relationship

Adesh : Yah ! come !

Janki : How’re you Nitya ?

Nitya : I’m good how’s you  Aunt ?

Janki : Just waiting for my son’s marriage

Rupal : Don’t worry Janki Ji we’re here for this purpose only .

All of them Were comfortable on lounges and were giggling .

’ ….

Ahil rushed through the stairs and looks everywhere for Naina in the temple , He asks some people there , But everyone said NO ! .

Ahil broke down and he falls down on knees in front of God .

Ahil : God please tell me , Please show me where’s my Naina , I can’t loose her , I love her , Of something happened to her I’ll never forget her .

A stroke of wind blew and Naina’s letter rose up and falls in front of Ahil .

Ahil : God please help me , You know Na how much I love Naina , Even though she dosen’t shows love and she thinks we’re only friends , But I know , Please God .

The Letter flew up and comes to Ahil , Ahil holds it up , He reads “I tried so much but can’t stop myself , Everywhere I could feel you , In my dreams and I was day dreaming  , Then he continued ” I love you Ahil , But Our Love is impossible , So forget me and I’ll forget you , I can’t profess my love so I told God may be he could help me in forgetting ” 

Ahil smiles and his eyes got watery ” I knew you also love me , I knew it , But How shall I make you understand that we needn’t to think about others our love is possible ”

Ahil stood up furiously : This letter is written by Naina only , I am sure. , Now I just want her in front of my eyes so that i can hug her and say everything to her .

Suddenly a crowd of people were shouting : Eh ! see someone is drowning , Save the girl , She’s drowning .

Ahil ran there , The back side of Temple . He saw a cloth lying on the surface of water .

Instantly something happened to him , He cries ” Naina , Naina ”

He jumped Into the water , He found Naina and hugs her staying in water .

Ahil : Naina ! No nothing will happen to you , I’ve come , See

He picked her up and brings her out of water .

He was so tensed seeing her like that , He taps her face many times , He was behaving as if he has lost his mind in saving her .

[ Background music – Na jiya zindagi ek pal bhi

Tujhse hoke judaa sun zara
Bin tere mujhse naaraaz tha dil
Tu mila hai toh hai keh raha

Main toh tere rang mein
Rang chuka hoon
Bas tera ban chuka hoon ]

He presses her stomach , A drop of tear falls on Naina’s face from his eyes ,  she opened her eyes .

Ahil hugs Naina ” Naina I found you , Naina ”

Naina tries to wake up , Ahil holds her hand , Naina ” No I should die , Why did you saves me ,Ha ! ”

Ahil : Are you mad , How can I let you die , And you’re so fragile that you’re trying to suicide Ha !!!

Naina : Yes , that’s true , I’m doing it , Because My mom did a murder .

Ahil : Shh !! It was a mistake , She was drunk and moreover It was all what God wants we can’t do anything

Naina : I don’t want to live .

Ahil keeps his hands in her face ” Okay if you don’t want then go , But before that for once think about grandpa , What’ll happen to him then .

Ahil : what about me ?

Naina hugs Ahil ” I’m tired Ahil , Of all this , I need a shoulder on which I can keep my head and cry , I need someone ”

Ahil : Why don’t you say that you need me

Ahil looks into Naina’s eyes , ” Hmm , For how long you’ll kep this secret in your heart , For how long you’ll hide from me that you love me ”

Naina : No I don’t love you .

Ahil : Okay then I’ll jump into river and will kill myself .

Naina keeps her hand on his mouth ” No please don’t say this , After grandpa it’s  only you who can love me like no one can ”

Ahil : For once just for once tell me what’s in you

Naina : Yes ! I love you .

[ Background song :- Main toh tere dhang mein
Dhal chuki hoon
Bas teri ban chuki hoon
Mera mujhme kuch nahi
Sab tera, sab tera.. ]

They both hugs each other tightly 

Naina : Today iwant to thank you , You’ve done a lot for me , You’ve put your life in risk for me , Whenever I was in danger it was only you who can to save me , Thank you once again .

Ahil keeps his hand on her fingers : You know Naina I prayed to Lord that I don’t want to live , Because you said you didn’t want me , But know what he said ” Maut to tujhe De do , Par uska kya jisne hat dua me tujhe manga  ” ( I’ll give you death but what about that person who asked to me to keep you safe in every prayer )

To be continued …

Precap :- AHIANA ( ahil and Naina ) professes their love , Janki and Adesh says A yes to Nitya Mukesh , Riya Plans a trap .

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