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A call changed our life (Chapter 1)

Thank u for your response guys it means a lot. This one is little big ok let’s start

It was a usual day Kabir and veer are busy with their work .  Suddenly the door opens the manager of the company came hi everyone

Veer- what new drama this idiot going to creat(in mind)😯😯

Kabir- why this much happiness for this irritating manager(in mind)

Kabir and veer blinked at each other

Manager- ok guys we got A new project it is a 1st birthday party of a child the child’s parents are wishing to celebrate in Munnar so we are going to Munnar I think u guys are happy

Veer-is this real I am going to Munnar(in mind)

Kabir pinched veer

Kabir-it’s real

Veer-how u know what I thought

Kabir-because I am ur friend I know what u will think

Veer laughed and hugged Kabir

All staff cheer

Manager- there will be new joiny let me introduce swara she is one among you from now

Swara- hi guys I am swara hope we will create a wonderful event

Everyone guy in the office mesmerized by her beauty

Veer- she is beautiful (in mind) but In face he didn’t show any reaction

Kabir-wow she is beautiful, veer I like her very much

Veer- (in funny tone) love at first sight

Kabir-think so

Veer-  I think she is not ur type

Kabir- (smirking) let’s see

Manager- I am going to another branch  after this event so our chairman decided to chose a new manager so he is going to select one among you so I am going to split u guys into two teams one is decoration team and other is catering and other stuff are u guys ready

All staff cheer

Veer to Kabir – I know this idiot going to creat one drama

He started to split  into two teams

There are totally ten staff members 5 in each team Kabir in catering team and veer ,swara in decoration team

Kabir to manager – sir I like to join in decoration team because I have lot of creative ideas

Manager- I have the rights to assign it duties don’t try to argue with me I am clear

Kabir-(in mind) I will teach u a lesson

Manager-what are u thinking idiot

Kabir-(fake smile) as u say sir

Manager-Tomorrow evening we are going to munar pack ur stuffs

All went

Kabir to veer – you are my best friend na

Veer – what u want say directly don’t talk so sweet I am going to melt in ur words

Kabir- do me a favour

Veer-don’t keep suspense say what

Kabir – I think

Veer- u think

Kabir- I love swara

Veer-  whatttt u don’t about her five minutes before only u saw her

Kabir- love is a feeling it will not say and come na

Veer- ok what I should do

Kabir- u are in same teAm na get her number for me don’t say I asked generally get her number

Veer- no I can’t I also know her now only I can’t speak to her

Kabir- please u get her number then I will not except anything from u

Veer- oook I will get u her number( veer don’t know why but he felt hurt)😖

In Munnar beautiful big decorated house is shown a girl of age 20 is running shouting bestie she bumped with a man of age 58 the girl fell on the man

Girl- sorry uncle I am searching for sanchu

(He is Saurabh)

Saurabh- she is in  garden

(The girl is pragati sanchi’s house)

A girl is shown in garden practising flute(she is none other than our Sanchi)

Pragati hugged her tight from back Sanchi turned with huge smile in her face she responded the hug

Pragti-why u are not picking my call😲

Sanchi- I am sorry buddy I was sleeping😅

Both laughed



Ok guys I know it is little bore but I need time to develope the story hope u guys enjoy it comments likes dislikes are welcomed see u soon😂😂



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