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Point Of Views – An Analysis On the POVs of the Characters of IMMJ2

Each of us have a different point of view. It’s not that we can always think from that person’s point of voew as all of us have our point of view. Be it real life or reel life, everyone has a point of view which is not easily understandable to the other. Maybe it’s the situation or the depth of the pov. It’s the difference in povs which creates differences and misunderstandings sometimes. We can’t do anything to decrease the difference between the povs unless we ourself don’t try to understand it. Understanding one’s pov isn’t possible until that person opens up.

In Immj2, several characters has been introduced so far. Most of the time, we try to think from the perception of the leads most of the time. Maybe the person whom we hate in the show has already suffered a lot (that still doesn’t provide any justification to the wrong doings) I made a little attempt to think from the perspective of some of the characters which I have penned down here. This perspectives are a part of  the characters of Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 which aired on Colors Tv from 13 July 2020 to 13 March 2021.


Vansh: None ever cared to know why I became a Mafia. All what I knew from childhood was betrayal. Being the eldest sibling, I always had an extra responsibility on myself. I went to juvenile delinquency for a crime which I never did. All this was just for my sister. To save her, I accepted the crime which I never did. Can anyone imagine how a teen feels there? It hurts the heart when I think of the experience there. Staying away from family for four hurts like hell. A teenager boy was admitted in juvenile centre for a crime which he never commited. We read news like that only. But do we try to know about these incidents deeply? Did we ever try to realize the mental state of a person who goes through courts and jail for a crime which he never did? None of us try to know it. It’s just that we read about a news and we make our own theories without knowing anything. It was the bitter past which made me stone hearted.  A man doesn’t become stone hearted because of his own wish. It’s the situation and  the people’s taunt which changes your perception. Call me whatever you want heartless, ruthless or arrogant that won’t change the fact of your reality.

In my dangerous world, came a person who changed me with her life. It was her love which brought a new dimension in my life.  Betrayal is the only thing which I have hated throughout my life. That day when I found my sister breathing heavily and at the same time I heard the recording where you yourself accepted that you are a spy, I felt that except betrayal there is no other emotion left in the hurt. I mistook you to be the one who attacked my sister. Then came my fake suicidal drama. That day I saw her breaking down but the power of betrayal and revenge overtook the power of love that day. I saw her breaking down but it all semt drama to me. She had kept the person in my house who was my arch rival. After I confronted the killer of my mother, I started my plan to take revenge of her betrayal. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I had hurt the person who loved me the most. It was an unforgivable mistake. But still she forgave me because of her love. Maybe it all was destined so that we could learn how to trust each other. The fear of having baby was another thing which once had affected our relationship. I had my insecurities while she had her belief. It was her belief which could end my insecurities.


Kabir: Yes, I am bad. But who are you to judge? Before judging me, judge yourself. You never have experienced what I have experienced. Do know what a mother’s love and affection is? You may know but I don’t know it. I spent my childhood without my mother’s love. That one video where my mom is feeding pineapple cake doesn’t prove that I received my mother’s affection. She never ever accepted before the world that I am her biological son until that Christmas function. All my childhood I was raised without mother’s love. My mother was busy in looking after other’s children. That Vansh, Siya and Ishani was the one who got my mother’s love and affection instead of me. Do you think a child can ignore this? The answer is quite simple. It’s a big no. The only thing which was in mind from childhood was to rule the Raisinghania empire. I wanted to snatch everything from Vansh as he has always got what was mine. I agree I had sent Riddhima in his life to spy around, to find about his hidden secrets and thirdly to make him experience the feeling of betrayal. But who knew both of them will fall in love with other. How could I let Riddhima to be of Vansh? Surely, I can’t. Everytime Vansh has got what was supposed to be mine. This time I won’t let it to be possible. My mother became hurdle in my life. I won’t let her come in between my obsession this time. Where was she when I wanted to stay in lay in her lap and cry my heart out? She wasn’t there. Couldn’t she try to keep me with her? Wasn’t she the one who had poisoned my mind for property? If she had a little care for me inside her heart, she would have tried to keep me with her other than poisoning my mind with tge greed of wealth.


Anupriya: I know I kept Kabir away from me. I did it so that we both could enjoy the wealth of Raisinghania together. I killed Uma so that I can take my place in my Raisinghania mansion. And I had succeeded in it. Vansh was always manipulated by me. I had a important role in his all important deals. One can’t live with emotions all her life. One needs wealth also for leading a luxurious life. It was what I wanted from the beginning. Kabir was kept away from so that later we could rule the Raisinghania mansion all alone.

I can’t understand one thing. What magic Riddhima has done on both Vansh and Kabir. Vansh who never doubted me, shouted me, had sent me to jail. Kabir for whom I did so much, refused to help me. One was my biological son and the other was my stepson. When biological son never thought about me then why should I think of  him now? Because of his madness and obsession for a girl, today he left me here in this paralysed condition. This is all my Karma……….


Ishani: ‘Siya! Siya!’ This is all what Vansh bhai knew. He always showed extra affection for Siya. It’s not that I am jealous of Siya. Siblings’ love is a little different. Vansh bhai is the only one who understood me the most. I maybe a spoilt brat according to people. And I give no opinion to that. If we sit behind knowing about people’s opinion then there is no way we are going forward. One thing which I have always despised is the middle class. Riddhima, being a middle class, had entered my Bhai’s life. It’s not that I hate for being a middle class only. I knew it from that she is nothing but a spy. How can I tolerate the person in my Bhai’s life who has come for only spying. Can any sister who loves her brother do it? I bet none will be able to tolerate this. When she proposed for my marriage with Angre, Bhai and Dadi had instantly agreed with it. My hatred for her grew to another level after that though I had later started to develop a soft corner for Angre.

Bhai had faked his death. That time I myself don’t know how I felt. That Riddhima then allowed Bhai’s arch rival to stay in our mansion just because he was mom’s so called lost son. Not only that, she even agreed to marry that person. My heart was piercing seeing Riddhima marrying Kabir that day at the same time it was burning with anger. I don’t care what were her reasons. If there was any valid reason, she would have tried to let us know. Who knows we might have helped her?

I know I have done a huge mistake by torturing her with that Ahana. A mother’s love is the greatest whoch can conquer all love. Same happened to me. The love I had for  Vansh bhai had suddenly vanished when I lost my baby. I may seem selfish to you that I am ignoring my Bhai’s sacrifice of so many years. But it’s only a mother who knows the pain of losinga a child……….. I don’t know what happened, why it happened, how it happened.  I only know that I lost my baby (Author’s POV: I don’t want to discuss why wanted to kill Riansh’s baby in the show as I wanted her to be protective of her brother’s child. I wanted Ishani to love Vansh’s child immensely but she was seen trying to murder the unborn baby. An affectionate shade of Ishani would have been  much appreciated)


Riddhima: Love is what an orphan craves for throughout their life. It was same in my case. Kabir was the one whom I had once loved more than my life. And now he is the one whom I hate the most. Being a simple girl, spying  was never my thing. I entered lion’s den still just for the sake my love. Is it really love demanding sacrifice from your loved one? Is it love to put the life of your loved one at stake just for a mission? Maybe I was too blind that time to understand all of this.

After entering into Vansh’s life, I realised what true love and affection is. Though there are many persons who cannot even tolerate my sight, O never felt bad ablut it. Vansh, Dadi and Siya’s love and affection was always enough for me. Vansh had once broken my trust still I had forgotten him in the end as my heart wanted. I don’t regret the decision as I myself have hirted him many times. The journey to our love was never easy. We had several complications and misunderstandings with which we have dealt with. In the end, it  was only our love which won.

POV is the main thing which everyone has of their own. It varies as all individuals are not the same. Everyone has their perspective to see the things and life in their own way. People either connect with each other on the basis of POV or end up disliking other due to the clash in the views. It was just a little try to pen down the povs of other characters. I am truly sorry if any one the presented pov has hurt anyone. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes  in advance!

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