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Molkki 25th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender and Purvi break each other’s fast

Molkki 25th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The mystery lady fumbles as she asks for help. Purvi asks her how she can help her. She notices her wound marks. The lady points above and Purvi notices Anjali in the crowd. Purvi tells the lady not to worry. Come with me. I have understood who you are! She takes the lady with her. Anjali and Bhuri notice the lady limping and begin to follow her but they lose her. They go in different directions.

Everyone is seated in the puja. Pundit ji asks Virender to keep Sakshi’s photo at a particular place. Virender’s assistant follows the order.

Purvi notices Anjali on one side and Bhuri on another. She heads to the steps of kund with the mystery lady and hides in a corner. Anjali comes towards the kund when Bhuri asks her if she found the lady. Anjali declines. They go in a different direction together. Purvi heaves a sigh of relief. She assures the lady that they are gone.

Pundit ji prays for Sakshi’s soul. Please offer these flowers to your wife’s photo. Virender picks up flowers and looks towards the photo.

The mystery lady’s face is shown. It is none other than Sakshi! Sakshi looks at Purvi.

Virender offers flowers to Sakshi’s photo and folds his hands. Conch plays in the background. Sakshi looks up. Virender and Sakshi don’t see each other. He sits again for the puja. Purvi notices Sudha and calls out to her. Sudha asks her what she is doing here. Who is with you? Purvi says I will tell you everything. Take her with you and keep her safe in your NGO. Sudha agrees. what has happened? Purvi says her life is in danger. I will explain everything later. Sudha nods. Purvi tells Sakshi to go with Sudha. She will take good care of you. Sudha assures Purvi about it and takes Sakshi with her.

Everyone is home. Prakashi tells the maid to bring water. Anjali asks her what they should do now. Prakashi says I tell you every year yet you forget it every single time. They pray for the well-being of their husbands and for the peace of the house. Virender watches Purvi. Manas asks him if he is looking at haathi. Virender shakes his head. The ladies sit down to eat. Juhi whispers something in haathi’s ears. Purvi gets surprised. Prakashi asks her to eat. Purvi requests her to let her eat with kids tonight. Prakashi agrees.

Manas tells Virender that he thinks he is looking at everyone’s plates. Virender says I am not interested. Why will I do that? Have I kept fast? He begins to walk away when Purvi says it is. Deepu Bhaiya has told the kids everything. Manas and Juhi agree. We know everything. Purvi asks Virender why he kept the fast. He asks her to answer first. She says I kept it for my husband’s long life. Why have you kept it? You don’t even have a husband! Virender says I may not have a husband but I do have a wife. I kept it for her long life. Juhi says it will happen only when you both will eat. Let’s eat now. Purvi and Virender sit down. Virender feeds Purvi. Kids request haathi to break Baba’s fast now. She thinks of how Virender had saved her life today and feeds him Kids high-five. Purvi feeds the kids as well. Virender and Purvi continue the ritual.

Prakashi is speaking to someone. Did you find out anything? The guy denies. She wonders where Sakshi has disappeared. I give you so much money yet you cannot find her! I wont spare you if you don’t find Sakshi! She ends the call. I am losing everything one by one. I kept Sakshi hidden for years yet I lost her. I am unable to hurt this Molkki in any way. I made so many attempts but she has survived everything! Don’t know how much luck she has on her side. It is as if she was born with a shield. She never gets hurt. God has blessed her immensely. I wont sit quietly. I will break her shield at any cost but how?

Virender wonders if this Tai (Purvi) will forgive him or not. Purvi thinks that Kroor Singh kept a fast for her. Should I forgive him now? He looks at her as she goes and stands next to the window. He joins her hesitantly. Why are you awake at this hour? She says I am not sleepy. You? He stares at her silently. Wind blows her hair. He moves the strands behind her ears. How will you be able to sleep till the time you forgive me? She says I was thinking of what my Tau ji would have done if he was in my place. They both smile. He asks her why her Tau is after his life. Why are you thinking of him on this beautiful night? What will your Tau ji do when we are happy together? She smiles. Virender wakes up with a start. Purvi is sleeping on the floor. He lies down again.

Purvi wakes up. She switches on the lights and applies ointment on his hand. She recalls the time when he had done the same for her. She switches off the lights after applying ointment.

Virender tells Inspector to find out who is responsible for the fire in Pundit ji’s house. Who tried to kill Mukhiyayini? The culprit should be caught asap! He lies down. Purvi thinks he has been trying to patch up and has apologized so many times already. He might have questioned my character after watching that video but he wasn’t wrong either. He dint know the truth. That was unintentional. I shouldn’t have punished him so severely for it. I should forgive him and become his friend again.

Next morning, Virender leaves for Delhi. Anjali asks Prakashi about it. Prakashi shares that there is a Haryana Gram Pradhan meeting for 4 days. Anjali says if he has left without speaking a word to Purvi then it means they haven’t patched up yet. This is the best time to teach a lesson to that Molkki.

Sudha assures Purvi that she has brought that woman here. Everything is fine. Don’t worry. Come here whenever you get time. Purvi agrees. You should stay alert or people will ask you many questions. Sudha agrees. have you forgiven Mukhiya ji yet or not? Purvi says he left for Delhi early morning for work. I will speak to him when he will come back. I will come to meet you in the afternoon. Sudha agrees and they end the call. Prakashi decides to do take care of Purvi when she will leave for the NGO.

Purvi gets kidnapped while she is on her way to NGO. She shouts for help but in vain.

Precap: Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Pooja

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