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Choti Sardarni 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Sandhya faces Rajan again

Choti Sardarni 24th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Episode begins with Sarab running to receive the ringing phone as he is desperately waiting for any news about Meher. Sarab hurts his leg and then is also disappointed because the call was not from Meher. He gets overwhelmed with emotions and cries. Both Meher and Sarab are thinking about each other and can literally see each other. Sandhya is saddened to see Sarab’s condition and she cries as she is bound by Meher’s swear.

Sushma apologizes to Meher for the torture she has to face because of her husband and son. She says that they will rot in hell. Meher asks if she has talked to Sandhya. Sushma tells her that although she heard Sandhya but was not able to talk to her properly as the phone got disconnected. Meher gives her sim card to Sushma and asks her to make him talk to Sarab.

Sarab goes to Kulwant’s house for the Akhand Path. Sandhya also expresses the desire to join him. Sarab agrees. Kulwant has also invited IG for the path, she tries to ask him about the whereabouts of Meher but IG dodges her questions. 

Meher finally gets to talk to Sarab. She enquires about kids and Sandhya. She also asks Sarab not to cry and he does not look nice when he cries. She says that she will come home in seven days. Sushma disconnects the call as she hears footsteps. she acts as if she is beating Meher. When kids ask about Meher, Sarab tells them that she will be back in some days. Seher and kids are thinking about how will they wait for 7 more days.

Kulwant is pleased to see Sarab and kids. She greets Sarab and Harleen and tells them that she has made Param’s favorite laddu. Yuvi takes the kids with him. Sandhya uses this opportunity to escape so that she can meet Meher. She bumps into Rajan but turns around before he could see her. Jeeto meets Sandhya and asks her name. Sandhya tells her that her name is Sonu. Sarab wonders why she is lying.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sarab figures out that Sandhya is afraid of Police. Kulwant talks to Sandhya about Rajan.

Update Credit to: Swapnil

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