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Bawara Dil 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Siddhi’s shocking decision

Bawara Dil 24th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Yashwant reaches home, Soni asks him where his brother is and if he got the bail. Yashwant says yes that he got bail. Soni thanks God for his blessings. Siddhi gives water to her. He tells Siddhi that now because Shiva is coming we will have to go to that house.

Yashwant and Siddhi reach the house and he asks Vijaya to take Siddhi inside the house. Mangal is not liking it a bit but she tries to keep her calm. As Siddhi puts her feet inside the house water started pouring from a tap that is connected to a dry well. Yashwant says that Siddhi has brought good fortune to the house. Shiva also arrives at the home. Everyone welcomes him with great joy. Siddhi says she will dress up and come. Mangal is about to do the aarti but Yashwant says that it’s now Siddhi’s job. Siddhi comes out of the house dressed as a widow. Managal fumes with anger and lashes out at Siddhi. She says that it’s because of you Police arrested him from the mandap, now you want to kill him or what. Shiva stops her mother and says that no one can harm me till I have your blessings. Vijaya asks Siddhi to do the aarti and puts some Kumkum on her forehead.

Someone from Shiva’s house has sent gifts for Siddhi’s family members. When they open the gift wraps they see jewelry inside. Siddhi’s brother appreciates Shiva for the gifts. His mother tries to through the gifts away and says that you should be ashamed of yourself. Yashwant comes to their home while the argument is going on. He says that I have come here because I know the pain of a daughter’s father. The way this marriage took place was not right but it was not in my power to stop it. Now Siddhi is living with my daughter and I will take good care of her. He says that I can sense from the fragrance that you have made varan bhat. He says If you don’t mind I can deliver this varan bhat to Siddhi.

At home, Siddhi is sitting looking out of the window. Soni asks her to eat. Yashwant comes back home with food for Siddhi. He says that I can bring your smile back. I know you are missing your house and family. I can’t bring them here but can deliver the food to your plate. he shows the tiffin to her that has varan bhat from her place. Siddhi is pleased to see food cooked by her mother.

The episode ends

Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: Swapnil

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