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      So, here is chapter 5:


“If she get a hint also, i will kill her” i said in a clear voice.

” okay bro…. i will be extra carefull..” she replied. “but bro!…. are you seriously happy with the fact that , she is not your soulmate” she added.

“deep down inside me, yess! i am happy with this fact. you know about are rules, didnt you” i asked her though i know that she is the only one who knew the answer very well.

she didnt said a word and went in the room. I followed her, as i know i had hurted her.


Being a dhampire is a curse. I belong dont belong to human world as well as vampire world. but my condition is like a rider who is riding two boats at the same time and that is sure that it will be overthrown.vampire world never excepted me. i didnt know about my parents…. only i had seen my mother face during my birth. and she died delivering me. as for a human to give birth to dhampire is a big thing. during my birth I had a full pairs of teeths and i chewed my mother stomach to come out. due to loss of blood and pain she died. she had surfed a lot just because of me. i remembered everything that happened that night.


A pregnant women was running in woods. she was in lot of pain but she some how running just for her child. due to extreme pain tears were rolling through her eyes but not a single word came from her mouth.”RUN!! …ROSE RUN ……….EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE,… EVERYTHING. screamed a man with a very high voice. as if he wants to listen his message to every vamp and rose. so that vamps, couldnt hear her footsteps.

the women or rose was tried. she felt that time has camed when she has to give birth her baby. she manages to go in a old school of vampires. which was few step head. due to extreme pain she fallen in the corridor. she manages to some how crawl to reach in any classroom.

And in just couple of minutes, a drift was seen in her stomach…..the extreme pain … a pain that nobody can understand ……. a screamed that was not heard …. a unbearable pain but not a single world from her mouth. A baby was chewing her stomach little by little … and little by little due to unbearable pain that a human cant take, she was losing her breath. she just wanted to see her baby’s face…. that was her last wish as she know she is gonaa.. die for sure. finally baby was born, she hold her in her arms, the baby was a girl child. she looked at her emotionally, though the face of the child was horrible due to blood on her mouth her golden eyes was starring her. but for rose, she was the cutest baby in the entire worlds. “KRYSTAL”  finally she spoke a word and her eyes slowly started to shut… and in couple of seconds, ….. she died.

Due to her one word ‘krsytal’. one vamp camed in a classroom. he has taken the baby with him and thrown her in a cage. and becamed bat  and was carrying the baby with with her legs and flew in the air. a another vamp in the bat form saved me from him and thrown me in the moon world. so i can be save their.


My mother name was ROSE but i dont know my fathers name. may be the owner of that voice who was inspiring my mom to run was my father and who saved me from that vamp and placed me in a moon world was my dad. “maybe…..” said lucus.

“you dont worry till I am alive nothing will happen to you…. I promise that” added he in a very emotionally, he rarely becames emotional.

“you dont need to promise, i know you will….. after all its your responsibility” i said to chill the mood, as i dont like when lucus becomes senti…..

“i am becoming senti ……okay” said lucus angrily.

“i had said you naa…. dont read my mind….” i said running behind him.

” okayy… i willll… not … do.. it.. again..” said lucus taking few breaths.

“okayy…okay.. enough of all this lets go to lisa… its been 4 hours….we haven’t seen her” i said in concerened

“okkaayy….” lucus said in a singing tone.

we went in the room and saw that she was not in the bed…….but their was a smell of her…. just then we noticed that she was standing near the window and looking outside the window. her thoughts was not heard to us, because she was thinking nothing but just standing and starring the grasses.

“what are you thinking….” asked lucus knowing that she was thinking nothing, is this possible for a human to think nothing…like seriously. I am half human though i cant able to stop my think for a second also.

“hmm…” she nodded head in reply of yess.

“do you know about that goons…. and why they want to kill you…. did you know anything” i said in a concerned voice.

“no…, i dont know about the goons but i know who had sent them” she said in a low voice as if she was afraid of something.

“who..?” asked lucus, i am surprised that lucus want to know who has attacked her or in his words attacked on a damm human. lucus eyed me angrily but i eyed him more angrily that he again read my mind. and he turned his head towards lisa with a concerned expression. sometimes my brother looks very cute…..



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