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The day when it rained – Part 11

Hi every one. Thank you once again for all of yours love and support.I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. Keep reading and loving..

Part 11
That evening I was alone on my way to hostel. And Sameer was at the bus stop.
Sameer: hi. .
Me: hi.. You don’t come to college today?
Sameer: yaa. I came. Why?
Me: I don’t saw you..

Sameer: you looked for me…..?!!! (Chuckles)
Me: I just….. Casually……
Sameer: Just kidding..
Me: I have to go..
Sameer: Do you want me to walk you?
Me: I think I can go by myself…
We both laughed. I wave him bye and walked.
## ## ## ## ##

There was a Ganesh temple a little away from our hostel. And I used to go there some days. It was a small but peaceful temple with a big peepal tree on the front. The temple premises were empty as usual. I was finished my prayers and was stepping out of the temple. I saw Sameer. Sameer in the temple?
Me: Sameer???
Sameer: Naina?? What are you doing here?

Me: I have to ask you the same question. What are you doing here?
Sameer: I am doing what people do in temples, pray??

Me: But…You don’t look like the guy who will perform Pooja and all….
Samer: then what kind of guy do I look like??
Me: It’s not that.. I just wonder… you and temple….
Sameer: (laughs) I am not a temple guy. Just came to perform Pooja on my new bike.
Me: Oh… New bike?? Nice.. Congratulations..
Sameer: Thank you.
Me: you said you are not a temple guy, then pooja on bike…???

Sameer: It’s a gift from my Nanaji. He asked me to do pooja so…
Me: Oh…. Gift? What is the occasion?
Sameer: it’s my birthday today.
Me: Oh… Many many happy returns of the day..

Sameer: Thank you so much.. So what is your special occasion today…
Me: Special… I don’t think it is special, but this day is very important for me..
Sameer: Why??
Me: years back I lost my mom this day…

Sameer: Naina, I am soo sorry…
Me: Why are you saying sorry… it’s nobody’s fault…
I wiped the tear drop that rolled from the corner of my eye without Sameer noticing…
Sameer: I can understand how hard it will be for you to….
Me: how can you understand?? Your mom is with you na…

Sameer: yaa. My mom I with me but…
Me: I am sorry… it’s your birth day and I am spoiling your mood with all these… I am sorry Sameer…
Sameer: No Naina, you are not spoiling anything… actually I am sorry, that I asked you all these and made you sad…

Me: Leave all these.. Tell me what are your birthday special plans?
Sameer: No plans..
Me: So what are you planning to give me as your birthday treat?
Sameer: whatever you say?
Me: hm….. So…. you should buy me a chocolate ok??
Sameer: Chocolate?? That’s what you need??
Me: yaa..
Sameer: Done…
Me: I have to go.

Sameer: ok..
I walked to the road.
Sameer: Naina?
I turned.
Sameer: I can drop you on my new bike…
Me: what? Have you gone mad..??
Sameer: why?

Me: what if any one sees?
Sameer: you don’t have problem if no one see right?
Me: I don’t mean that..
Sameer: Ok then. I will walk with you…
Sameer walk with me pushing his new bike.

Sameer: naina??
Me: Hmm??
Sameer: nothing
We walk in silence till my hostel.
Sameer: Bye..

I nodded. Sameer sat on the bike and kick started it.
Me: Sameer…
Sameer turn to face me.
Me: Thank you…
Sameer: No need…
He smiled. Not his usual smile, but an assuring smile. That was trying to say something…
Sameer: See you in college.
Sameer went to his hostel. I stood there at my hostel gate some more time watching him. And I feel a different kind of restlessness… which was new…

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