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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad Is Misled

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 24th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vijay checks outside when he hears door sound and finds no one, says he heard door sound for sure. Bulbul says he is tensed regarding Sadhna, so he must have overheard. He walks back in. Voiceover con artist again calls Sadhna in Prabhath’s voice and throws letter. Sadhna reads that Govind was murdered and ask who kept gas cylinders in factory. Vijay tells Bulbul that he does not want family involved in Prabhath’s case as he does not want it opened, he does not want Sadhna know more. She walks towards Vijay’s room and hearing that misunderstands him and rushes to kitchen. Viajy notices her and runs behind her, asks if she wants to talk to him. He says baba is most corrupt politician in whole vindhya pradesh, he will spoil whole case instead. Bulbul notice letter in

Sadhna’s hand.

Sadhna returns to her room and thinks what Prabhath wants to convey, whhy Vijay does not want to reopen Prabhath’s case. Bulbul brings tea and seeing letter picks it. Sadhna snatches it and asks if she is spying her. Bulbul says Vijay does not want family to be in trouble, they all should be an united family and trust each other. Angad walks in. Bulbul leaves. Angad asks Sadhna what was chachi talking about. Sadhna says she does not know whom to trust. He sees letter in her hand and asks what is it. She says none of his business. He snatches and reads letter and says Vijay chachu went to factory that day, let us go and ask him. Sadhna stops him and says her heart says Vijayu cannot do anything wrong.

Bulbul walks thinking what is in that letter. Vijay gets ready and says Ananth has come down, send tea for us. She asks if Ananth told him that Mandira had taken Sadhna to meet CM. He says no. She says Mandira told that Ananth knew everything, he should ask Ananth once. Ananth walks into Vijay’s office and reminisces Vijay’s name on Mandira’s body. Vijay asks where was he. Ananth says there was no network here. Vijay says once upon a time, i could read your mind, now I cannot. Ananth says situations have changed now. Vijay asks if he knew about Mandira taking Sadhna to baba. Ananth says he does not know, but if he had known, he would have scolded why did she delay so much. Vijay says he knows Baba will not get real culprit punished, he will spoil the case instead, he does not trust anyone now except Ananth. Ananth hugs him and thinks he will not spare Vijay.

Angad walks to baba’s office. Gaurd stops him and says Pankaj is with baba. Angad over hears them hiding. Pankaj says Vijay is very intelligent and can go to any extent, how to tell his family that he killed Prabhath for power. Angad leaves confused. Baba says he sparked a fire as per damadji/Ananth’s wish, now Ananth will play rest of the game. Angad walks to his desk reminiscing Vijay’s trust on Prabhath and thinks Vijay cannot murder papa. Peon gives him courier. He opens envelope and sees morphed pics of Vijay shooting Prabhath and shatters. Ananth peeps in and thinks Angad is his pawn now.

Bulbul makes arrangements for pooja. Gayatri yells at her. Bulbul says bahu does this pooja. Gayatri spoils arrangements and continues yelling at Bulbul.

Precap: Bulbul sees Vijay’s photo holding gun on Prabhath, in Sadhna’s room. Sadhna snatches photo and warns to get out. Bulbul tells Vijay that she saw his photo holding gun in Sadhna’s room.

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