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Kunj woke up only to find Twinkle not on her side. He got up from the bed and walked over to the washroom. The door was closed. He called Twinkle and she opened the door a minute later. She was dressed in a long anarkali suit with full sleeves and high neck. The reason was to cover her bruises as Mahi can’t guess anything.

Twinkle- Can you tell?

Kunj- What?

Twinkle- Are my bruises and wounds visible?

Kunj went close to her and saw her cheek. He noticed that she had covered it all with her make up. He noticed. He noticed some color change but only when he stared.

Kunj- No, it’s fine. Mahi won’t be able to make it out.

Twinkle was relaxed. She left the room and walked to Mahi’s room to check if she was awake or not.

Mahi- Di, are you ok?

Mahi asked Twinkle as soon as she entered Mahi’s room.

Twinkle- I am fine. Sorry for leaving you last night. She sat next to Mahi who was sitting on bed. Twinkle’s motive actually sitting next to Mahi was whether she can see the marks on her face that she had tried best to hide from her make up.

Mahi- It’s ok Di. You know, I had so much fun last night with that boy Karan. He is quiet though. She was looking straight towards Twinkle while replying but noticed nothing.

Twinkle- It’s fine Mahi. I am sure you talk enough for both of you.

Mahi- Di, very funny.

Twinkle- Come down. Let’s have breakfast.

Mahi jumped off the bed and walked downstairs. Twinkle and Mahi settled on the breakfast tables. The chef had prepared pancakes, fruit salad sausages and eggs with toast for breakfast. Mahi was really happy seeing the breakfast. She started eating fast and by the time Kunj joined she already had two plates of food.

Kunj- Eat slowly Mahi, food is not going anywhere. Kunj said as he saw mahi stuffing the pancakes in her mouth.

Mahi- Sorry Jiju, I can’t. Roshni is taking me to the cinemas today. She promised me last night. It is going to be so much fun. She will be here any minute.

Twinkle- Mahi, you are going to movie and you didn’t informed me.

Mahi- Oops…… Sorry D. You left last night, so didn’t get a chance to ask you. Mahi said as soon as she realized that she hadn’t informed Twinkle about her plan to go movies.

Twinkle- It’s Ok, go and have fun. Twinkle was not very happy as Mahi didn’t informed her but she was Ok with her going out, as she wanted Mahi out of house only. The less she was around her, the less the chance there would be of her noticing any bruises that might show.

Mahi was happy that Twinkle agreed. She thanked her and hugged Twinkle. Car’s horn sound was heard outside the mansion.

Kunj- Must be Roshni.

Mahi- I should go. Mahi said and ran towards the door saying bye to Kunj and Twinkle. As soon as she opened the door she found Karan standing there awkwardly looking at the ground.

Karan- Hi mahi, Roshniji has also invited me to come to movie with you two, if you don’t mind.

Mahi- I don’t mind, why would I mind.

Karan- May I come in.

Mahi- Please.

Karan- Good Morning.

Kunj- Good Morning Karan.

Karan- Kunj Sir, I actually wanted to take permission from you to take Mahi for movie.

Twinkle eyes widened as she choked on her tea.

Kunj asked- I thought Mahi was going with Roshni.

Karan- Yes, she will also be there. She will supervise us.

Kunj turned to Twinkle. Kunj actually didn’t had any problem with Mahi going out with Karan. Actually, he thought it would be good for Mahi to go out on date but he was very well aware that Twinkle is conservative in all these things. Mahi was really happy that she was going on a date with him and she really wanted to go with him.

Kunj- Karan I don’t have any issues with you taking Mahi out. Kunj said but he noticed Twinkle furrowed brows so he continued- But the decision is not mine to make. As soon as Kunj said that Karan also turned his gaze towards Twinkle.

Twinkle- “I….. “As soon as Twinkle started to speak she saw Mahi begging her, as she was standing behind Kunj and Karan while Twinkle completed her words- “I don’t have any issues.” She said with a smile on her face.

Mahi screamed and jumped in happiness. She quickly thanked Twinkle and grabbed Karan’s hand and rushed out in Roshni’s car and left before anyone can change their mind.

Kunj smiled and turned his attention to Twinkle. She was looking a lot sadder than usual. She had lost her glow and also lost her smile as soon as Mahi left.

Kunj- Twinkle, are you ok?

Twinkle- I am fine. She said, though she herself was not sure whether she was Ok or not.

Kunj- Will you be fine if I go to office? Kunj asked being genuinely concerned for her. Last night she clung to him and refused to leave the safety of his arms. Kunj felt bad just abandoning Twinkle after such a traumatic event that took place.

Twinkle- I will be fine. She said but it seemed like she was convincing herself rather than answering Kunj.

Kunj- Twinkle, I can reschedule my meetings and relocate the very important ones here only, if you don’t want to be all alone.

Twinkle- No Kunj I will be fine.

Kunj-I don’t mind and I won’t have trouble also. I just want you to be safe.

Twinkle thought about it. Within she herself was willing Kunj to be with her just for a day, but she didn’t want to seem like one of those wives who want their husband’ attention all the time.

Twinkle- Kunj…… I would like if you can stay.

Kunj- Then I will stay. He was more than happy to oblige. He was worried for her and knew that she would be more comfortable if he would stay around.

He told the maids to clear the table and made sure the conference room in the mansion is well prepared for meeting he had kept in the afternoon. He had cancelled all his appointments and meetings except for the one which was very important.

Twinkle watched him as he made all the arrangements. He was busy arranging all the things at office and at home also. He was talking to his assistants and telling him the things and others he will need and what to manage and how to manage the things in his office without him. A wave of guilt ran over her. Kunj had made all the arrangements just that Twinkle don’t have to be alone. Even the maids and butler were there in mansion but yet she wanted only Kunj to be around her so that she doesn’t feel alone.

Kunj-My meeting is scheduled for 3 in the afternoon, until then I am all yours. Twinkle blushed at Kunj sentence. She was really happy that Kunj will be spending time with her the whole day. The thought of him being together insinuated her. She looked down, trying to get those thoughts out of her head.

Twinkle- Sorry, you have to do this all because of me.

Kunj- it’s no problem. None of my meetings are really important except the one I will be having. Kunj was really happy that Twinkle wanted to spend time with her and she really needed him. The only regret in his mind was that Kunj wasn’t able to beat the person who tried to do this to her.

Kunj, everything is prepared for the meeting- Bebe announced.

Kunj- thanks Bebe. Twinkle come with me. He said and took Twinkle upstairs.

Kunj- twinkle, I don’t want to make you upset but I really want to know who did this to you. I know you would not follow just a stranger anywhere.

Twinkle- I…. I don’t know who he was.

Kunj walked really close to Twinkle. He held her shoulders and lifted her chin so that she faces him.

Kunj- Twinkle, look into my eyes and tell me that you don’t know the man who tried to rape you.

After listening al this Twinkle went into a flashback thinking how she was almost raped by Shaurya if Kunj wouldn’t have come on time. At that moment she just felt to run away from Kunj and just lock herself and cry in the corner somewhere.

Twinkle- Kunj, please, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. She moved Kunj ‘s hand from her shoulders and left the room. While she was leaving the room Kunj followed he and called from back.

Kunj- Twinkle, you can’t keep running from this, we will have to talk about this and you have to tell me who he was. Please don’t keep running away. I am always there for you.

Twinkle stopped and turned and walked back in Kunj’s room- I would never run away from you Kunj, because you are the only one with whom I feel safe around.

Kunj- Then talk to me please and tell me the truth. I know you are lying just because you are afraid.

Twinkle thought about it what Shaurya had told to her and she had to be sure that Shaurya and Mahi’s marriage will never happen before she tell anything to Kunj.

Twinkle- I will Kunj, when the time is correct.

Kunj- Ok, I just hope that time comes soon.

Kunj then decided that he and Twinkle should watch a movie, so that they can easily pass time also and Kunj won’t ask her again, and again about the last night happenings. Kunj asked Twinkle to choose a movie but she in turn asked Kunj only to select a movie. At first Kunj thought to tease Twinkle by choosing a very romantic with lost intimate scenes in it but he dropped the idea of that and finally choose a comedy movie.

They indulged themselves in watching the movie but Kunj’s focus was more on Twinkle rather than movie. Every time she was laughing on a comedy scene, Kunj felt relaxed at that time otherwise he was tensed for her that she will be depressed thinking about last night. In all watching movie and thinking Kunj moved really closer to Twinkle and rested his hands around Twinkle. Twinkle who was still now engaged in the movie turned and saw Kunj’s hand position rested his hands around Twinkle. At that moment Twinkle wished she could lean into him and watch the movie being in his embrace, but she was feeling too shy to do that. Kunj turned and saw twinkle that she was not actually watching movie anymore but looking down.

Kunj- What happen Twinkle, why are you not watching movie?

Twinkle who was blushing thinking about Kunj and his closeness but was feeling shy to admit that and said- Nothing.

Kunj started watching the movie but was watching Twinkle after every minute. Twinkle also was aware about Kunj’s constant glances but she kept her focus on movie only.

Bebe- Kunj, businessmen have arrived for the meeting.

Kunj looked at his watch- Damn, they are early. Sorry Twinkle, they are early, so that means the meeting will start early.

Twinkle- It’s Ok.

Kunj’s business delegates started arriving. He came down with Twinkle and shake his hands with them. He didn’t bother to introduce Twinkle as he was well aware Twinkle won’t appreciate this unwanted attention from them. Kunj led the people to the conference room for the meeting. Kunj came out of the room and called Twinkle who was heading towards the kitchen.

Kunj- Twinkle, I will ask Mahi and Roshni to come back home and accompany you.

Twinkle- No, lets them have fun. I will be just fine.

Kunj- I will try to wrap as soon as possible.

Kunj said and went back to the conference room. Other side Twinkle wen to kitchen and started to cook something. Though Kunj didn’t wanted her to cook but she thought that doing something will be better for her and she will be distracted.

Twinkle was engrossed in cooking when she heard a doorbell ring. She looked around, no one was there so she thought she will herself open the door. She opened the door.

Hello Twinkle- A devious voice said.

Twinkle looked and was shocked to see Shaurya on the door with a wicked smile on his face.


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Now Shaurya dared to show up again. What will Twinkle do now, will she tell Kunj the truth now?

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