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Belan Wali Bahu Review: A hilarious sitcom worth watching

Colors’ Belan Wali Bahu has replaced Bigg Boss 11. The show brings a funny take around a couple’s tragedy. The story is of Roopa Awasthi, a clumsy housewife, married to a businessman Amarnath, who happens to be the husband of her deceased sister. Roopa wishes good for everyone. She has the best intentions at heart, but fails to work out things in a proper manner. Roopa’s in-laws comprises of a dysfunctional family.

The story is set in Agra, focusing on a typical joint family. Roopa tries hard to win her husband’s heart. She believes that the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. She cooks food for him, which doesn’t get good reviews. Roopa gets frustrated that nothing makes him happy. She throws the Belan/rolling pin, which accidentally takes his life. Amarnath turns into a spirit, who haunts Roopa and wants her to get punished. Amarnath’s spirit is just seen by Roopa. He returns to avenge his death. The situations turn comical.

Main Characters:

Roopa is a sweet, simple and a clumsy person. She is a trouble inviter. She doesn’t finish any work without creating a mess. Roopa is married to the husband of her deceased sister. She is quite younger to him. She finds hard to carry on her household duties. Roopa attempts to do everything with good intentions, but ends up hurting others. Roopa upsets her husband the most. She finds chances to impress him, but her efforts go in vain. Roopa is good at heart. She aims to sort her dysfunctional family.

He is a middle-aged, unhappy and unsatisfied person. He is Roopa’s frowning husband. He disapproves everything done by Roopa. He doesn’t regard her sentiments and efforts. He just gets nagging all the time. He doesn’t attempt to make his relation with Roopa better. He stays frustrated in his own world. He points out Roopa’s mistakes in an attempt to make her perfect. He doesn’t realize he is hurting her heart. He loses his life to Roopa’s carelessness. He returns as a ghost to haunt her.


Krystle D’Souza as Roopa Awasthi
Dheeraj Sarna as Amarnath Awasthi
Mushtaq Khan as Premnath Awasthi
Bhavana Balsavar as Premlata Awasthi
Sikandar Kharbanda as Jeetendra Awasthi
Shraddha Jaiswal as Suzie
Sunayana Fozdar as Shalini Awasthi
Sudhir Pandey as Rajnath Awasthi


The story begins with Roopa and Amarnath’s introduction in their sweet house titled Raj Mahal. Roopa is an expert in making mistakes. Trouble follows her all the time. Roopa struggles to complete any work well. The family gets affected by her clumsiness, but the person who gets most affected is her husband. Amarnath has to pay a heavy price for her mistakes. He doesn’t know her stupidity will make him lose his life one day. She tries her best to impress Amarnath, but he always makes sure to point out her mistakes and upset her.

Same thing happens on their anniversary. She makes his favorite food with a hope to get a praise. Amarnath doesn’t like the parathas and instead remarks her for adding less salt. Being frustrated, Roopa throws the belan in the air, that hits Amarnath’s head. Amarnath dies on the spot. Roopa doesn’t realize he lost his life. She instead thinks he got unconscious. Roopa tries to wake him up. Amarnath’s brother thinks he is down after a drink and takes him away to save him from their mother’s sight. He rests Amarnath on Dada ji’s wheelchair. He then gets busy in flirting with a young nurse. Roopa doesn’t imagine that her mistake could kill her husband. She genuinely feels sorry for Amarnath’s death. Amarnath returns in her life to teach her a lesson and achieve salvation.

Our Take:

The show has bit of horror in a comic way. There is not much of thrill, but viewers can enjoy the light situations with their family. Concept is novel. The show puts light on how a daughter-in-law’s sentiments are neglected in the family. Despite working for everyone’s welfare, she receives harsh criticism and is under-emphasized. Horror-comedy genre was much needed on Colors. The cast includes Krystle D’souza, Dheeraj Sarna, Bhawna Balsavar and Sudhir Pandey in major roles. Actors give in their best to make the show watchable and interesting.

Krystle’s experiment in comedy genre goes well. She looks adorable as innocent and clumsy Roopa. She is good in emotional than comic reactions. Still, this role will be an addition to Krystle’s great performances. Dheeraj is quite natural in his role. Bhawna Balsavar and Sudhir Pandey deserve a mention for their superb portrayals. Characterizations are strong and well written. The house background looks gaudy, but being set up with the railway line is fair enough to call for more comical situations. The family members hold on to their prized possessions while the rail passes by. Such scenes are an add on. The story moves on at a fast pace. Dialogues could get better. Its interesting to watch Dheeraj as the haunting spirit in a hilarious way.


A good attempt by Colors. The show is a thoughtful family entertainer. There are many funny elements. All the characters provide a fair share of laughs. This comic thriller is surely a worth watching drama.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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