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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mahima requests Preesha to return Saransh to her. Preesha is shocked hearing that and asks what is she saying. Mahima says she got well for Saransh and cannot live without him. Preesha says he considered her as mother till now and he will be mentally hurt if he finds out that she is not his mother. Mahima says they have to tell truth somehow, she gave her Saransh and wants him back. Ahana standing outside house tells Mishka that she cannot go in and find out what is happening because of Saransh. Mishka asks to use her brain. Saransh says crackers got over. Ahana says Mishka has kept extra crackers for him in her room and takes him in. Mahima continues insisting Preesha to tell truth to Saransh and return him to her. She asks her parents to explain to Preesha. GPS says she should keep herself in Preesha’s place and feel that Preesha considers herself as Saransh’s mother and its difficult for her. Vasu insists Preesha to convince Saransh and tell him truth. Saransh walks in asking what they want to say. Ahana with Mishka follows him and asks Preesha to pretend as if they are not there and continue their chat. Preesha says she will not be there as she is going to get crackers for Saransh. Ahana walks away fuming. Preesha tells Mahima that she has to speak to Rudra about it first as Saransh considers him as Rudra’s son. She walks away sadly.

Rudra informs his parents about Mahima’s story and her sufferings. Balraj says that woman suffered so much. Sharda also feels sad for Mahima and Saransh. Rudra thinks Sharda doesn’t know that Saransh is her grandson, Rajeev’s son, and Rajeev used to love Mahima a lot. Ahana with Mishka takes Saransh to Mishka’s room and tries to keep him busy, fuming on Preesha as she sent her away. Mishka asks what will she do now. Ahana says she will find out via Rudra.

Preesha walks to Rudra and informs him that Saransh is not her son. He says he knows already. She stands surprised and asks how. He remembers DNA lab incident where he goes to exchange Sharda’s DNA and found out that Saransh and Preesha’s DNA don’t match. Preesha hugs him emotionally and apologizes for not informing him before. Rudra says he was under guilt thinking Preesha had an affair with Rajeev, but found out truth later that Rajeev loved Mahima and he is Saransh’s father. He hugs her again and says now everything is sorted out, he, Preesha, and Saransh will live happily as a family. Preesha informs that Mahima wants Saransh back. Rudra panics hearing that and says nobody can separate him from Saransh. Preesha tries to explain him, but he walks away to speak to Mahima. Ahana walks to Sharda and Balraj and asks about Rudra, then blames Mahima for the new problems. Sharda says Mahima suffered a lot and informs that Mahima is Saransh’s real mother. Rudra walks to Mahima and says he wants to talk to her. He knows she suffered a lot, but she cannot take Saransh away from him. Preesha asks him to speak calmly. Mahima says he is giving verdict without talking to her. Rudra continues pleading Mahima.

Precap: Ahana informs Saransh that Mahima is his real mother. Mahima insists Rudra and Preesha to return Saransh to her or else she will file a custody case. Saransh hearing that says Preesha is his mother and not Mahima. Saransh is crying.

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