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Shakti 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer advices Simran to talk to her family

Shakti 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Heer asking Virat to leave some milk for her in the glass, and she will drink it as a shagun. She says they are about to start their new life and tells that she will sit on the bed covering her face with veil. She asks him to click her pic when she feels shy. Virat thinks sorry Heer, I have to do this to save you from your identity. I am sorry Heer. He throws the glass of milk far away shocking Heer. Heer lifts her ghunghat and asks what did you do Virat? She says I said sorry. Virat smiles…She gets the wine smell….Heer asks did you drink? Virat says yes, and asks will I ask everything before doing. He says I got married to you, filled your maang with sindoor and asks if she will have wedding night with him forcibly. He asks her to go and sleep on the bed. Heer says you are very difficult to understand, locks the door and tells that she don’t want his family members to know about their relation.

Simran comes and meets her boyfriend Arjun. She says we are meeting since 10 days, today Virat got married, now it is my turn. She asks when he will come to ask for her hand. He says he will marry her, but first let him enjoy secretly. She says you are just concerned about your enjoyment. He says what to do, you are beautiful and gets closer. Simran smiles.

Virat thinks he can’t fulfill her wish to become a mother. He asks Heer to trust him and go and sleep. She says I can’t trust you and will sit on the door. Tera Ishq Plays…..Virat gets sleepy sitting down. She removes his outer coat. He pretends to be drowsy due to drinking. She brings blanket and covers him with it. He drops his head down and pretends to sleep. Heer sits on the door and thinks I will sit here, can’t trust you.

She sleeps. Virat thinks he has to give her small pains, for her lifelong happiness. He lifts her and takes her to room. Tu hi mera khuda plays….He thinks he will do everything to keep her happy, but can’t do this for her. He is about to go out, thinks of her words and doesn’t go out. He sleeps on the couch.

In the morning, Heer wakes up and finds Virat sleeping on the couch and she herself on the bed. She gets up from the bed and goes to him. She calls him and asks him to get up. He holds her hand and gets up smiling. He asks if she slept in the same clothes. She asks him not to show concern and love as she saw it all last night and asks him to tell how she reached the bed. Virat goes to the bed and breaks the flower petals on the bed. Heer thinks why is he doing this with me? Just then she hears Simran talking to someone and telling that she loves him so much. She asks Arjun to come and ask for her hand in marriage. Arjun tells that he has talked to his parents and it takes time for marriage things. Simran asks him to talk to her on call until he comes to her home. He asks her if she loves him or not and asks her to meet him within an hour, else break our relation. Simran asks him not to say that and tells that their relation matters to her a lot, she will come and meet him. She finds Heer standing there and asks what is she doing here? Heer asks her to talk to her parents and says if Arjun is a good guy then he will come, asks her not to go. Simran asks what do you mean, and says you used to meet Virat through the window, atleast I am using door to go. She says when I feel that I shall talk to my family about Arjun, I will do and asks her to go. Heer goes. Simran gets vomiting sensation and vomits in the bathroom. She realizes her dates are missed and thinks if she is…..

Bua ji asks Shanno to tell the secret, because of which Kareena was shot. Shanno thinks to tell her and thinks she is a radio and will make it public. She says your Bahu is a….just then a speedy car comes and is about to hit Shanno. Shanno says your bahu is a kinnar. Bua doesn’t hear her due to the car’s noisy sound and saves Shanno at the right time. Shanno asks did you hear what I said. Bua says I don’t want to hear and goes from there. Preeto and Saya are there and come to Shanno.

Preeto says you got many slaps from me, but didn’t mend your ways, so I have to do something else. Shanno asks will you kill me and asks what will you tell the world? Where did I go? Preeto says I will not kill you, but will do which is worse than the death. She signs Saya. Saya holds Shanno and takes her from there. Shanno asks her to leave her and shouts Mallika.

Parmeet asks where is Simran? Gurwinder says I didn’t see since morning. Heer says I have sent Simran to buy my lipstick shade from the market. She says Simran came. Heer asks did you get my lipstick shade. Simran says lipstick shade..Heer whispers that she lied to everyone at home. Parmeet asks what happened? Simran says I got your lipshade and will give you after freshening up. She goes.

Simran goes to her room and thinks she can’t be pregnant, looks at the pregnancy strip in her hand. Heer tells that Simran might be upset with her, but good at heart. Simran checks the pregnancy strip and says I am pregnant.

Precap: Parmeet finds the pregnancy strip and tells Virat that Heer is pregnant. She asks Heer to tell the good news to everyone. Heer tells that she is pregnant. Virat is shocked, while everyone is happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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