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Shaadi Mubarak 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini tricks Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti saying wewill hear out Nandini first and then talk to KT. They go to some cafe and sit. Kusum says Nandini should be ashamed. Preeti says let me talk. Kusum says you scold people with love, let me ask, why did she leave KT 17 years ago. She scolds Nandini. Preeti asks her to be quiet. She says sorry, you forgot everything and moved on, but KT is still stuck 17 years back, he is much hurt, I can’t see him in pain. Nandini thinks what’s their relation that she is crying for KT’s pain. Preeti asks why did you cheat him and go, just you can answer him, just meet him once, I request you. Kusum says you have lost it, this woman won’t say anything if you request. Preeti asks Nandini to meet KT once. Nandini thinks I can’t meet KT until our marriage, I have to give her an excuse. She says its not easy for me to talk to my past, I didn’t meet or talk to KT, I need some time to think, what will I tell him.

Kusum says you want time, did you think when yo left him. She thinks I will be remarrying KT and then make you meet him. Preeti says fine, I will give my number. Kusum thinks Nandini will not listen to us, I will not believe her. Nandini thinks Preeti became a fool. Preeti gives her number. Nandini says we will meet here. Kusum takes the tea fall on Nandini’s saree. Preeti asks her to go to washroom. Kusum says sorry. Nandini and Preeti go. Nandini cleans the saree. Kusum calls out KT. He comes there. Nandini sees him and asks why did you call him here. Preeti says I didn’t call him. Kusum says I called him, we can’t trust you. Nandini asks Preeti to do something. Preeti asks her to put ghunghat like her client, Arjun’s mom. Nandini tries to put the ghunghat. KT sees her. Preeti says its not easy, we will not increase the problems. KT asks what is Shalini doing here. Preeti says I got her here for shopping lahenga. He says you are lying, she was going to organize it herself. Preeti asks Kusum to drop Shalini outside. She says I will tell you. She sends Nandini. He asks why did KT call me here.

Preeti says I told her to call you here, I feel you are still upset with me. He says your apology isn’t necessary, this marriage is our last project, you can never understand me, you will be free in 24 hours, you don’t regret, I also took a decision, I won’t have interest in any relation or business, old KT was good. He goes. She thinks life your partner left you and now your business partner, I want you to forgive Nandini and me also. Kusum asks Nandini to meet KT and not run away again. She warns Nandini. Nandini goes.

She applies a face pack. She says no one should know about me, especially Preeti. Preeti shows the mummy and papa wedding banner. She says we don’t even know the groom, we have not seen the bride’s face, she said she has a mannat, we don’t know will the groom come or not. Nandini says he won’t come if he knows its me, he will think we did this to trap him, we know what we did this. Arjun says for my happiness, I wanted to meet dad. She says right, so that you know your dad. Kusum and Preeti laugh. Preeti says KT goes in his past when he works on this project, I think he stays restless for this reason, he misses Nandini. Kusum says the bride can be a Chudail. Preeti laughs. Arjun says I promise, I won’t let Preeti and KT see you before marriage. Kusum also has same Latkan and jokes. Preeti sleeps.

Its morning, Preeit organizes the arrangements. She sees KT working hard. KT’s family comes. Arjun hugs Neelima and says I m so glad you guys came. Neelima says I have an attachment with this boy. Preeti greets them. She asks Arjun to get his mum for Gauri pujan. Nandini thinks your attachment with Arjun will get you close to me. Nandini comes for puja. Pandit asks her to write her husband’s name on the plate. Nandini thinks. Madhu asks why is she thinking so much. KT asks Arjun to tell if there is any problem. Arjun says no. She writes. Pandit asks what did you write. Everyone looks on.

Arjun says I had waited a lot to call you Papa, forgive mom and marry her. KT gets angry. Preetig gets shocked. KT lifts Nandini’s ghunghat and gets shocked. He falls back. Preeti holds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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