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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gehna Shares Her Wish

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gopi informs Ahem that Jaggi is her present husband who held her hand and took care of her and family when she shattered after Ahem left her 5 years ago, truth is Ahem is no more her husband. Hema thinks their family drama is not ending. Kanak tells Gopi that she has to choose one. Anant says its their family matter and Kanak shouldn’t interfere. Kokila says Anant is right, she is returning home with her 2 sons and will sort out her family issues at her house. Jaggi walks away to bring cab. Kokila thanks Praful and Jamna and says its time to leave now. Hema thinks Gopi is gone finally.

Gopi Kaka/Ahem asks Gehna if she will not see him off. Gehna packs Ahem’s bag and asks him not to get angry on anyone and get oil applied by someone on his shoulders, etc. He asks her to turn over and consoles her as she got emotional. Gopi with Anant walks in. Ahem tells Anant that Gehna is his younger sister and Anant should make sure that she is happy always and nobody should trouble her. Anant promises.

Jamna feels concerned for Kokila when Hiral walks to her and says she needs help for Tannu. Kanak senses her intention of grabbing money and says Hiral wants Ambe maa’s blessings for Tannu, which is always on her. Hiral says she also needs something else for Tannu’s treatment. Kanak says they can talk about it later and asks Jamna if she should pay payment to vendors. Jamna says she will get her money from Bapuji and walks away.

At night, Gehna sits sadly on terrace shedding tears. Anant enters and catching her tear in her hand, asks her to smile now as he promised Ahem and Gopi to keep her happy. Gehna says she was thinking that Gopi is so calm and brave even in distress. Anant says one can become like Gopi with determination and asks her to come down now. Gehna says she will gather flowers and come down. Ananth leaves. Sagar peeps in and thinks of molesting Gehna.

Hiral gets call from her creditor who insists to return his money. She promises to return his money soon. Anant hearing her conversation walks to her and asks if she has any problem. She says Tannu.. Sapan walks in and says she is angry on him due to husband and wife’s nok jhok. Hiral says Tannu..again. Sapan says its regarding Tannu’s education. Anant walks away saying he will not interfere between husband and wife. Sapan scolds Hiral for trying to use their daughter for her benefit. She gives back saying if he could have earned well, she wouldn’t have. He says he knows their condition, but he loves her and Tanu a lot. She walks away fuming.

Housemaid Alka returns from leave and tells Gehna that Gehna must have done all household work, but she will not let Gehna stress herself now. Gehna speaks to her happily and says let us go to attend aarti. They both walk to home temple where Praful performs aarti. Sagar walks towards her smirking.

Precap: Sagar tries to molest Gehna. Anant enters and thrashes him.

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