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#RiAnsh #Fan Fiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan #Naagin 5 #Part – 14 Dumbfounded

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More than 10 minutes have passed since Angre have informed Vansh about the girl in picture he saw is his wife ever since that moment Vansh was silent and Angre who was waiting for his reaction finally broke silence and spoke

Angre: Boss do you want me to get her here. 🧐

Vansh immediately replied

Vansh: No no I don’t… 😔😔

Before he can complete sentence Angre replied

Angre: Then what do you want? And how do you know her? And when and where you met her? Do you want to know more information regarding her? 🤨🧐🧐

Vansh was some what still his normal self looked at Angre and speak

Vansh: Don’t you think you’re asking much more question then needed and you’re authorised to ask. 😲🤯😐

Angre: I am sorry boss but all in sudden you ask about her so. 😔

Vansh: Interesting very interesting this is not the first time I asked you about someone but I’ve never seen this version of yours before what’s the matter Angre? 😯🤯

Angre: Boss everytime you ask about someone are not turn out to be your wife so.😐 Anyway do you want me to call Uma ma’am? 🧐🤔(Knowing his boss very well Angre knows that in state of confusion he always talk with his mother only so he asked that)

Vansh: Not needed, instead call Veeranshu Singhania and tell him to come here and meanwhile let me know whatever you know about my wife. 🤓🥴

Angre was stunned listening he doesn’t want to talk to his mom but still he just nodded at him and he dialled Veer’s number but it went unanswered so on Vansh’s instruction he informed everything which he knows about Riddhima to Vansh and left from Vansh’s cabin once done.

As soon as Angre left Vansh dialled Veer’s number after ring or two it was answered and a sleepy voice of Veer heard from other side

Veer: What happened? Why are you behind me and my life Vansh? 😬

Vansh: Everything is messed up, We need to talk. 🥴

Veer: What happened? 😳😱

Vansh: Not on call, I’ll tell you when we’ll meet. 😣

Veer: Fine I’ll be there in an hour or so after getting ready. 😐😶

Vansh: An hour! 😣🤯Get ready I’ll be there in half hour. 😬

And he disconnected call from his side before Veer can negotiate for time or can say anything else.

And after that he grabbed his car key and hurriedly left for Veer’s home. Almost after drive of half hour he was standing in front of Veer who have freshly showered and seeing Vansh in front of him he commented

Veer: I’ve started doubting you now and let me inform you I am straight and interested in only my wife Bani🥴😬

Vansh: I don’t have time for all your nonsense jokes but still for your satisfaction I am straight too and I am too intrested in only my wife Riddhima. 🥰😍😍

Veer: Good to know😅 (but suddenly Vansh’s words registered in his mind and his lips turned into perfect ‘O’ and looking at Vansh he continue) did I hear word wife from you? 😱😱

Vansh nodded at him.

Veer: What an improvement in one night? Now I am eager to know what made you “Patnivarta Pati”? 🤔🤔

Vansh informed everything to Veer which happened after he left with Bani and how he discover from Angre that, that girl is none other than his wife.

Veer was dumbfound too after knowing everything and all ge utter is

Veer: Trust me no one can be more lucky then you. 😇😎

Vansh: How come? From my point of view I am stuck. 🧐🤔

Veer: Let me know your point of view first. 😬

Vansh: See I liked her the moment I saw her in club and you know I never liked any girl before and I never felt anything for anyone and the moment I saw I felt like I know her, I want her in my life, I felt like I can do anything for her, I want to make her happy. 🥰🥰😍😍

Veer: Wait it is unbelievable. 😯

Vansh: What? 😳

Veer: These all are sign of being in love and it is unbelievable that mighty Vansh Raisinghania is in love with a girl. 😱😱

Vansh: It’s not love it’s just liking. 😐😣(Please someone give some knowledge of love to mighty Vansh Raisinghania 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

Veer: And ego hurts. 😁😬

Vansh: Whatever. But now I can’t do anything. 🤐😬

Veer: Why? Actually you only can do everything just go to her and tell her you’re her husband and have a happy life with her it’s so simple and easy. 😇🤗

Vansh: Not as easy as it sound, I’ve been away from her for almost a year after getting married and when I’ll go in front of her she’ll ask me why I’ve never been there for her. Plus she’ll think that I am going to her now after whatever happened yesterday night. I don’t want her to think that ill of me. 😣😔😒

Veer: You’re overthinking. 😫

Vansh: No I am not. This is probability. 😒

Veer: Even it’s possible she don’t even consider you from yesterday night. 🤔

Vansh: What if she do? Everything will be messed and I don’t want to loose her and 😬😐

But before he can complete his sentence his phone ring indicating Angre’s name on screen so he answered it immediately

Vansh: I told you to cancel all the meetings of mine. 😬😬

Angre: Actually I’ve discover the cover Aryan sent to you a year before and found something. 🧐😎

Vansh: I’ll see it after coming back. 😬

Angre: I think you need to check it before I pinging you on WA. 😎😎

Vansh disconnected call and checked Angre’s message and it was a picture of a handwritten letter with another picture and he first checked handwritten message which read

“Sorry, for not coming there to help you in your dance academy but here I am suggesting you someone who is passionate for dance, she is my best friend Riddhima and she is far better dancer than me so you can take her help if you want.”😎😍

Once again name Riddhima fasten his heartbeat and he download the picture instantly only to find picture of his wife and smilingly he kissed mobile screen and after he even hugged Veer who by now have declared to himself that his friend have turned mad after falling in love with own wife. 😝😝🤪

After a while Vansh was back to normal and looking at Veer he speak

Vansh: You know she meant to be love of my life. 🤓😍🥰

Veer: And you informed that to you right (sarcastically) 🤪😝

Vansh: No, It’s Mom’s foreseen. 😇

Veer: You means Uma aunty’s? 🧐

Vansh: Yeah that what I speak. 😬

Veer: I am not getting anything, please explain. 😬😳

Vansh: You know, Mom told me that I’ll meet love of my life through dance and I a year back tried to open dance academy to meet such one and that time everything turned out to be mess and I thought Mom’s foreseen not always meant to be true and that time I asked Aryan’s help for dance academy but he was not able to help so he suggested his best friend Riddhima for help and she is same Riddhima. So Mom’s foreseen are true one more time. 😍😍😍

Veer: Wow. 😊

Vansh: Okay now tell me what would I do now? 🧐

Veer: I am still of the same opinion go and tell her truth and start your life. 🤗

Vansh: No veer, telling her truth will lead to more complications and I might loose her and I don’t want to loose her. 😏😐

Veer: Then what now? 😳

Vansh: I don’t know much right now but I want to meet her right now. And it’s her college time so I am going to her college will you come with me? 🧐

Veer: By the way I just forgot to tell you one thing. 🤓

Vansh: What? 🧐

Veer: Riddhima is Bani’s best friend. And I am already going to pick Bani from her college. 😜

Vansh: Why you’ve not informed me this before? 😏🧐😖

Veer: I don’t think it will change anything and anyway Bani don’t know you personally as a person she knows you by name only. 😐

Vansh: Then she is not a threat. 🤩

Veer: She is never ok. 😟

Vansh: Whatever let’s leave. 🙂😍

And both lovesick lover boy left for RiNi(Riddhima&BaNi)’s college.

While on the way to college Vansh asked Veer

Vansh: If I am not wrong Bani is of same age as our while Riddhima is not then how come she doing college now? 🧐🧐

Veer: Her anut was not allowing to study while she was there so she skipped college to earn and now I too wanted to fulfill all her dreams so. 😇

Vansh: Got you, I too wanted to complete all dreams of Riddhima. She already have handled so many worst situation in her life but now I want her to be happy. 😍😍

Veer: This is second time you’re telling this in last one hour. 😬

Vansh: I don’t know what just happened to me but I feel like I changed overnight,
I’ve done all weird thing which I would never do in my life ever. 😁

Veer: Like kissing a strange drunk girl. 😆

Vansh: Technically I was kissing my wife only. 😍😎

Veer: If I am not wrong you’re not aware of that fact at that time. 😖

Vansh: But I liked her the moment I saw her. I felt like I know her from before. 🤠🤓

Veer: Lame excuse. 😖😖

Vansh: Whatever, focus on road. 😐😬

And again both went silent and Veer focuses on driving and after few more minutes drive they’re standing at gate of college and soon they started searching for Riddhima and seems like luck is in their favor as Veer spotted her and called her.

And soon he with Vansh went near to her and Vansh gave one of his best smile to her but before he can speak anything Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: Ansh what are you doing here? Are you following me? 😳😳😱

But before Vansh can reply anything Veer spoke indicating his finger at her phone

Veer: Ridz, your phone is ringing Ansh is calling you. 🤭

But before Riddhima Vansh replied

Vansh: How can I? I am standing right in front of her why would I call her? 🤓🤪
(Please Vansh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

Veer murmur under his breath


While Riddhima smile at him and replied

Riddhima: You’re not the first Ansh in my life. I already knew one Ansh and he is calling me. 🙂🤩And Veer, Bani is at library if you’re searching her. (And she winked and smiled at him) 😉🙂

And she went bit away from them answering call.

Veer is holding his laughter 🤣🤭while Vansh holding his anger. 😡😠

Phew. 🥵🥵🤭🤭

Done with update. I know was late again but I was rewriting end of this part again and again and finally I found this one satisfactory and obviously same time hiding at safe place as many of you’re ready with tomatoes, shoes and whatever come in your hand. 🤭🤭

Keep those all aside and drop a comment or two. And most importantly share with your friends. 🙏🙏

Last but not least stay safe and happy with family and friends. 😇🙂


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