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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Koyal eats poison

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Dulari massages Sushela’s head. Sushela says you are so nice, I am doing so wrong with you. Dulari says mothers can never be wrong. Sushela says if I wasn’t forced this won’t have happened. Dulari says are you sure your car hit him? Sushela says no I don’t remember. I fainted. Ram says try to recall. Sushela says yes I recall something. Menaka comes in and says maa you won’t say anything. Dulari says in heart they’re hiding something. I will stop this wedding. sushela says what happened now? Menaka says Ram why do you want to spoil my house? He says what have I done? Kinshu says my sister was abandoned, if bhai finds out, he will leave Menaja forever. Dulari says let me call and tell him something. Koyal says how can you? Dulari says if Menaka’s house breaks, Ram will leave Koyal. Dulari says I know this is a big game and I can play it because I am Dulari. She leaves.

Kinshu recalls Dulari insulting him. He takes scissors and goes out. Ram comes to Dulari’s room. She says how did you come? He says from the washroom window. I haven’t made tea for you in so many days. Dulari says you’re so amazing. Dulari says where is tea? He serves it to her. Dulari hugs him.

Scene 2
Babu ji sings. Kinshu comes with scissors and says if I am bald everyone would be bald. Koyal sees him. She stops him. Koyal says are you crazy? Papa ji doesn’t have hair anyway. He says I bald, all bald. I will make everyone bald. Koyal says no Kinhu. She runs. HE runs after her. Menaka says what are you doing? He won’t calm down until he cuts someone’s hair. Dulari scared him. Koyal says he cut hair of all our neighbors. Menaka says will you make your own sister bald? Koyal says you can cut Menaka’s hair. Menaka says are you crazy? Koyal says sorry. Menaka says you wanna cut someone’s hair right? I know who do you do it to. Menaka says now he will keep Dulari confused. You go, do something.

Koyal comes to Ram. Ram says name yourself Ram’s problem. Why are you after me all the time? Koyal says I will be Ram’s Koyal after the wedding. He says I will only love Dulari. Koyal says I want you to do my bridal makeup on your wedding day. I don’t want my husband to look at another woman. Ram says you are the other woman. You can force this marriage but not love on me. Ram says I only love my Dulari. She says you did wrong as well. He says it happened for good. Thank God you weren’t in my life. I suffocate around you. Koyal says I love you and you’re doing this? How can you talk to me like this? I will drink this poison. Ram says you better do. I am sick of your fake blackmailing. I don’t care, do what you want. Koyal says I loved you so much. If I don’t get you, I will die. Ram says sure. She opens poison. Ram looks at her. Koyal waits for him to stop her. She drinks it. Ram is shocked. Ram says Ms. Koyal? She faints.

Kinshu comes to Dulari and touches her waist. Dulari says what are you doing? He says love. She says I am not your wife. I will hit your head. He says give me love. Dulari hits him with big spoon and says never dare to touch a girl without her permission. She leaves. Kinshu says I will teach you a lesson.

Ram takes Koyal to the hospital. Ram says please check her she ate poison. He says it’s a police case. Ram says let’s call the police. Koyal says no don’t call the police. I took poison because of Ram. He can go to jail. Ram says let me call the police myself. Koyal stands up and says if the police come they will find out this poison is fake. Ram says sorry doctor. Ram says are you crazy? You can’t fool me. Bring something new next time. He leaves.

Episode ends.

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