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RadhaKrishn 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam Kidnaps Lakshmana

RadhaKrishn 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Gowrimata tells Mahadev that Banasur is about to lose against Krishna and will seek Mahadev’s trishul to attack Krishna. Krishna gets his sudarshan chakra. Mahadev emerges in front Banasur. Krishna takes back his sudarshan chakra and greets Mahadev. Bansur also greets Mahadev. Mahadev warns Banasur that he dared to attack Sri Krishna and is a fool. Banasur says he wants to win the whole world. Mahadev says when Krishna accepted his defeat and submitted himself, how dare he is to insist him to touch his feet and do adharma. Banasur says one who accepts defeat is a slave. Mahadev warns him to dare not insult Sri Krishna and return from there. Banasur returns with his army. Mahadev apologizes Krishna that his devotee insulted him. Krishna says his respectable came to help him, but whatever is written in fate will happen for sure. He thinks this war ended today, but not forever.

Jamvati traveling with Sam towards Hastinapur gets happy seeing sky clearing and realizes Krishna and Banasur’s war ended. Sam asks how can Bansur accept defeat so easily. They reach Hastinapur palace, and Sam asks Jamvati to wait outside while he goes in and saves Lakshmana. Jamvati agrees and asks him to be careful. He enters palace with war flag. Lakshmana’s swayamvar starts. She walks in with maids sadly. Guard informs king that a young man is entering with a war flag. Sam enters trashing guards. King asks who is he to dared to enter swayamvar with a war flag. Sam says he is Dwarka’s yuvraj Sam and came here to take Lakshmana for his nephew Anirudh as he likes Lakshmana. King warns him and attacks. Sam defeats everyone and asks Lakshmana to accompany him as he knows she doesn’t like this swayamvar and warns everyone that he is kidnapping Lakshmana on Anirudh’s order and repeats it.

Radha senses Krishna tensed and asks reason. Krishna says its a sign of a big war which nobody saw or heard of. Radha asks what is his view on it. Krishna says she will know right now. Guard informs that Sam has gone towards Hastinapur. Radha asks why did he go to Hastinapur when he left for Panchal. Krishna says Sam has headed on the path of destroyal and is doing it consciously to attain his goal.

Usha’s maid informs her that Anirudh got Lakshmana from swayamvar via someone and took her somewhere. Usha says she cannot believe Anirudh can do this and asks her to kidnap Anirudh from Dwarka via her magic and punish him. Maid says it is impossible as Dwarka is protected by superpowers. Usha asks her to wait till Anirudh comes out of Dwarka and then kidnap him.

Sam takes Lakshmana to jungle and apologizes her for bringing her like this. Lakshmana asks why did he take Anirudh’s name. Sam says he will tell about it later, he kidnapped her and is liking her seeing her not resisting, so he wants to marry her if she agrees. She says she cannot marry him as he is her biggest enemy Krishna’s son who got her father Duryodhan killed. Sam says then they should marry for sure as he also hates Krishna and considers him as his biggest enemy. Lakshmana asks if he is telling truth. Sam says he can take his mother’s oath. She agrees to marry him and says they will together take revenge from Krishna.

Balram asks Krishna why did Sam bring Lakshmana here and took Anirudh’s name in swayamvar. Krishna says he will inform him later, but is worried seeing the situation and will go for meditation to know about future. Sam takes Lakshmana to Jamvati who likes her a lot. Anirudh eagerly waits for Sam and when his signal doesn’t come thinks when will he go out and show his bravery, thinks he should go right now. He sees bow glowing and reminisces Sam’s words that he will send him message via bow and he has to follow it to reach his destination. He walks out of Dwarka behind bow where asurs attack him. He asks reason. Usha’s maid captures him and says his uncle Sam dared to kidnaped Lakshmana on his order, so Usha wants to punish him. Anirudh realizes that Usha doesn’t love him and Sam lied. Anirudh’s mother gets worried for him. Krishna enters. Radha asks him to do something. Krishna says he has to go on a war inevitable and it will be a war between son and father which nobody would have heard or seen.

Precap: Sam challenges Banasur. Banasur says he will kill him instead of captivating him. Sam says he is also enemy of Krishna and will give him Krishna’s weapons if he gives him Dwarka.

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