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Qurbaan Hua 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat tries to find the truth about the incident at the steel factory

Qurbaan Hua 24th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chahat is outside the room of persona and as soon as she knocks on the door the person drags her inside exclaiming that she is a lot pretty then the picture, he is constantly trying to force himself on her.
Few hours earlier, Chahat is with the friend of Viyas jee who is also the owner of the steel factory he explains that he has never thought off selling the factory and doesnot know who might have given her this information, she inquires how the machine was still running in his factory, the owner explains that the police have started the investigation and soon the matter would be sorted, she gets up then sees that there is a same idol as the one which is off their Mandir, she asks him if she can take it, at which the owner mentions that he doesnot have any problem with it and found the idol in the factory at the day of the incident.
Chahat walks wondering who might have made this idol because this is the same as that off the Mandir, she sees the contact number of the maker then calls it, she comes to know that he is in the their village and living in some lodge, she decides to find him in order to know of the truth.
Chahat hides the murti thinking that she would keep it hidden as if she tells him then he would get angry as she has started the investigation and left the studies, she decides to call him and so when the phone rings it is in their own room, she sees that there have been a lot of messages and opening them sees that they have send a lot of video calls, Chahat gets really angry seeing them.
Neel enters the room inquiring what has been made in the dinner because he is hungry, Chahat in anger responds that he should eat the smashed Brinjal that Geeta has made, Neel asks what is she talking about, she shows him the video and he says that they all are just his fans so he has to reply, she says that then he should also eat with them, she hits him with all the pillows that are in the room and is really angry, he stops her saying that why is she so angry as he is not her property, Chahat exclaims that she has a right over him as he is her husband, they both look into each other’s eyes, he inquires what has she just said, she explains that he is her husband even it is just a fake wedding so he should stop flirting with all those girls, she then gives in saying that he can flirt with anyone before walking out of the room in anger.
Chahat says to Viyas jee that she told him Neel would accept his request as all boys are the same, Viyas jee mentions that he doesnot know how he will talk with him so he should say hello to start the conversation, she stops him mentioning that he should just write Hi, he tries to take his glasses but they fall on the ground, Chahat picks them up to see that he is wearing torn out socks, she asks him to wear a new pair as they are not that poor, he mentions that it Is not about that but Saraswati made them for him so he feels her love after wearing them, Chahat takes them off saying that she would stick them as wearing torn socks would make him sick.
Neel is in the room texting his fans just so he is able to make Chahat feel jealous, she enters the room and he explains that she has allowed him to flirt with any girl, she responds that she has no problem with it, he writes that he has attained this position because all of their support, Chahat gets angry hearing this then is not able to find the needle, he mentions that she is really beautiful and he might have not started the show again had it not been their support, she says that he really Is worried about her being single, Neel says that why does she care what he says to them, she gets mad and pinches him after which when she turns he pulls her closer and they both fall on the bed, he texts someone and then Chahat sees that he texted her, he says that she has a large contribution in him being able to start his show and his life once again, Chahat gets amazed then Neel promises to not sit until she gets good marks in her exams, she mentions that she would sit for the study after giving Viyas jee the socks, she mentions that she found the socks in his pant so placed them on the table, Neel picking them up realizes that they belong to Baig so he hides them from her, when she leaves he thinks that she is caring so much for his father so he would also do the same for Viyas jee, she comes into the room with Kripa, he inquiries why did she bring her at which Chahat says that she needs to sleep and if she gets twenty four hours then they would be enough for her to revise the complete course. Neel plans that they would go to a lodge where she can study, Chahat takes the name of Sawasti lodge, they both reach there, Chahat asks Neel how did Godambari agree when he told her that they both were going to his friend’s wedding, he explains that he has also learned to lie after living with her.
Neel feels that they might have come to the wrong place, Chahat is adamant to stay, he goes to the reception while Chahat asks the room number of the person who made the murti, she heads to the room.
He is in the room scolding someone on the phone saying that he send some other the previous time however he should not make the same mistake twice, Chahat knocks on the door and he pulls her inside, she hits him with a pillow when he tries to advance towards her, Neel gets worried when he doesnot find Chahat near the reception so starts searching for her.

Precap: Neel doesnot know what is happening in the other rooms and has an awkard feeling, the police raid the hotel, Neel and Chahat both argue when she demands that she needs to go and buy the chips, they both struggle which makes the police doubt that he was misbehaving with her so they arrest him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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