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Molkki 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vipul tries to inform Purvi about her Molkki

Molkki 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi’s mother tells her to wear the suit that her Chachi has given to her. She also tells her husband and Priyu to get ready. Now Purvi will go to her house. We wont be able to fight with her. Purvi calms her down. Her mother asks her who will save her from her Baba every time; that will take care of me when you are gone. Priyu tells them to end her Bharat Milap. Didi looks good in everything.

Virender’s family comes to Purvi’s locality. She notices Virender’s mother and Mama coming there. How can my alliance be fixed in their house? The neighbours keep looking in awe. Mahesh greets the guests but his wife asks him if has fixed Purvi’s Molkki. He calls her mad. She asks him why such a rich family wants Purvi. Swear on me. Mama calls out to Mahesh. Mahesh tells his wife to stop thinking this nonsense. They go inside. Mama praises Purvi for his honestly and forthrightness. I haven’t seen a girl like her. His sister says this diamond will shine in our house now. Mahesh tells his wife this is the truth. They like Purvi. There is no other reason. Virender’s mother shares that the wedding will happen day after tomorrow. Haldi will happen tomorrow. We will have mehendi function day after tomorrow and the wedding will happen in the evening itself.

Purvi’s mother asks Purvi what’s bothering her. Purvi shares that that’s Virender’s family. Who did they select me for? Mahesh says they have a relative and they liked you very much in Sudha’s wedding. Priyu asks for the groom’s picture. She also teases Purvi that this is what she wanted. Purvi tells her to be quiet. Mahesh wonders what he will show tomorrow.

Haldi ritual starts at Purvi’s house. Mahesh is speaking to Kanji Bhai. Priyu goes to give them tea. Kanji Bhai keeps staring at Priyu. She takes the fake groom’s photo from her Baba and goes to show it to Purvi. Mahesh is tensed but Kanji Bhai assures him that this is the photo of Virender’s brother. He does not even live here. Your daughter wont be able to find out that her Molkki has been fixed.

Priyu tells her sister to cheer up. The guy looks good. Haldi ritual starts. Purvi gets emotional and cries. Vipul comes there. He notices Purvi sitting for her haldi. Mahesh notices him and gets tensed. Vipul walks towards Purvi but Mahesh intervenes. What are you doing here?

Virender is thinking about Sakshi. My wedding might happen with anyone else but you will always rule my heart.

Vipul tells Mahesh that he had a disagreement with his father but he wants no dowry. I will marry Purvi asap. Please stop this wedding. I love her very much. Mahesh asks him if he has ever told this to her. Has she ever told you that she loves her? Vipul denies. Mahesh lies that she does not love her. She wanted to marry a rich guy and that has been fixed already. See how happy she is! Vipul looks at Purvi as she accepts gifts from Virender’s mother. Mahesh asks Vipul if he could give all that to Purvi. If you really love her then you should pray for her happiness. Go now. Vipul walks away heartbroken. Purvi’s mother tries to stop him but Mahesh warns her against it.

Kanji Bhai and Mahesh are drinking at night. Mahesh tells him that he has turned his life around. I will treat everyone today. He tells the shop owner to treat everyone. He serves alcohol to a guy. Mahesh got a lac for fixing his daughter’s wedding. The guy turns out to be Vipul. He is shocked to find out that Purvi’s Molkki has been fixed. Purvi has no idea about it. I will tell her. He falls down and passes out on the floor while trying to leave.

Next morning, Virender’s mother applies haldi on Purvi’s hand to mark the shagun. She tells Priyu to apply the best design on Purvi’s hand. Priyu sits down to apply mehendi to her sister.

Vipul is on his way to Purvi’s home. I will tell the truth to Purvi at any cost today. He gets sad as he notices her happy face. He hides when Mahesh comes there. It is difficult to reach Purvi but I must tell her the truth somehow. He writes it down on a piece of paper and gives it to Guddu. Mahesh takes the note from him. Mahesh is shocked to read it. He looks around but does not see Vipul. He sends a few guys to take care of Vipul. Vipul decides to try again in the evening. He finds Purvi and Priyu sitting outside their house but hides upon noticing their parents. Purvi’s mother tells Priyu to get Purvi ready asap. Vipul thinks of trying again before it gets dark. He goes to file a police report. Inspector leaves with Vipul to stop the wedding.

Purvi gets ready for her marriage. Her mother applies kala teeka behind her ear to ward off evil eyes. Priyu gets emotional. I think I always used to fight with you but I love you more than anything else.

Mahesh pays off 4 men and tells them to break Vipul’s bones if he tries to come here.

Priyu takes Navin aside. How do I look? He tries to flirt with her but she tells him to come with baraat. He says it is ready since long. Next wedding here will be ours. She smiles shyly.

Kanji Bhai calls Virender’s Mama. Someone has reported Purvi’s Molkki to Police. They are headed here. Mama says you said you will handle it. KB says this Inspector is new and is against Molkki. I thought to let you know so you can handle it if things go out of control.

Precap: Virender and Purvi get married. They are shocked to see each other in the mandap. Later, during the grahpravesh, Virender’s kids throw something at Purvi and rush to meet their Papa. They laugh at Purvi. Purvi looks at Virender in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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