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Mere Sai 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Purna argues with Digambar on his ideals

Mere Sai 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vallabh is about to put the tabiz in the kund when he opens it. There is wood inside it? Sai says your work was successful even without coal. It means not coal but your faith is important to make things happen. Your confidence on yourself has made things happen. Faith and dependency are 2 different things. It is called superstition when we become so dependent on one thing that we cannot think of doing something on our without it. You became all the more dependent on coal when I said this will be better for you. You became afraid of your future when I told you to offer it in the kund. It becomes a disease when the line between faith and dependency is crossed. Trust yourself. You will have to face the ups and downs of your life on your own. You will gain confidence in the process and you will also learn to depend only on yourself. Vallabh agrees. I am a fool to trust you over coal. There is no place for superstition when you are around. Sai hopes that others can overcome their superstitions like him.

Gangadhar’s wife (Savitri) feels as if she forgot something. He must be coming back anytime. He wont like it if I leave something unfinished. Purna asks her if she wants something. Savitri says I cannot remember. Purna goes to bring water. There was no water at your place. Savitri smiles. That’s what I was forgetting. Purna says Sai says that it is our duty to help people. Savitri asks her who she is talking about. Gangadhar calls out to her just then. Purna excuses herself. Savitri helps him clean his feet. She notices him tensed. What happened? He denies. Guru ji? She shares that he is creating a shield around the house.

Digambar Guru is chanting a mantra as he walks around the house.

Gangadhar wonders how to tell Guru ji about that widow.

A lady is bargaining with a fruit vendor. Sai visits an old man and requests him for food. The old man brings an old, rotten banana. That’s all that’s left. I don’t even have money to buy anything else. Sai says this is enough for me. The old man says this isn’t worth eating. Sai tells him that he will decide that and accepts it graciously. The lady watches them curiously. The old man tells Sai that his son has been looking for job since 6 months. I have no money too. I am worried that I might have to go and beg outside Khandoba temple now. Sai thanks him for the fruit. What will you eat now? The old man says this wouldn’t have satiated my hunger anyways but the peace of giving it to you is enough to satiate my heart. Sai peels the banana and takes a bite. This is delicious. May your son be blessed for his hard work soon. The old man folds his hands before Sai as he leaves.

The lady thinks this Fakir appears to be a crazy guy. The old man goes inside his house when his son comes home. He shares that he got a job. He shows his appointment letter. We will also get a place to stay. We will move there now. He notices his Baba’s shaking hands. Your condition is because of me. Everything will be fine. There were so many candidates for this job but I got this. Let’s eat something. I have brought bananas for you. He thinks of Sai’s words. He folds his hands in gratitude. Om Sai Ram!

Sai is walking with a smile on his face.

Gangadhar and Savitri greet Digambar. Digambar says I was worried that you wont be able to come back here on time. Gangadhar says I had to do it as per your orders. Digambar shares that he has put a shield around the house. This place isn’t good for you otherwise. Purna tells her Baba that Guru’s are merciful and loving. This one appears to be scary. How can one learn something from him? Raghupati tells her to be quiet. Digambar says let’s start the grahpravesh. Gangadhar wants to wait for his son but Digambar advises him to always choose time over relations. It is the right time now. You will have to wait for 7 months otherwise. This is the most auspicious time. Don’t be worried. Your son does not believe in these things anyways. Gangadhar calls him a child. Digambar says he follows your every word except this. Let’s not waste any more time. Gangadhar nods. Purna says we don’t know them yet we can see that Gangadhar ji and his wife aren’t happy to do grahpravesh without their son but he cannot see it. Raghupati tells her to be quiet again. Digambar stops Gangadhar and Raghupati. I told you all to put lemon and chilli here. Who put mango leaves instead?

Purna shares that she did it. He reprimands her for using her brain without having knowledge. Lemon and chilli ward off the evil eyes. Raghupati offers to bring it but Purna tells him it isn’t needed. People of Shirdi have a pure heart. There is no evil here. Digambar asks her if all those who have been doing it are fools. Raghupati tries to intervene but Digambar wants to hear her explanation. She gives a logical explanation as shared by Sai earlier. Digambar gets furious. Now this girl will teach me? Was I called here to be insulted? You can do as she says but don’t come running to me if anything goes wrong tomorrow. Gangadhar requests him not to get upset. We will do as you say. We will put lemon and chilli here. Digambar stalls the grahpravesh for today. Send this girl away as it is happening because of her. Mohan argues that grahpravesh will happen right away. Gangadhar and Savitri look at Mohan in surprise.

Sai notices many villagers carefully walking away from a pointed stone. He sits down in front of the stone and folds his hands. Villagers gather around him.

Mohan seconds Purna. I don’t believe in such things either. We must do the things which stop us just because of superstitions. They will win otherwise. Digambar asks him if he does not care about his parents. You should be afraid of God. Mohan says God is merciful and loving. Which book teaches one to be afraid of God? Purna agrees. Sai says the same thing. Mohan says this Guru ji wont teach this small thing to my parents. He will have to go back home the day that happens. He has been trying to scare them since last 7 years. He knows that he will lose a big opportunity if Baba leaves him. Digambar calls him arrogant. I can burn you here right away. Mohan challenges him to try and calls him a sham. Digambar says I will leave you and this house right away. The house, where Guru’s aren’t respected, does not flourish. Gangadhar calms down his Guru. Mohan decides to leave the house. Gangadhar asks Digambar a suggestion to stop his son. Digambar agrees to let them do the grahpravesh for now. You will have to do penitence afterwards. Gangadhar nods. Gangadhar goes inside with his family and Guru. Mohan stops to glance at Purna as she leaves.

Villagers see Sai sitting in the middle of the road and praying to a stone. They ask him what’s special about this stone. Sai says I don’t know but there must be something special about it. Bheema says this stone has only caused inconvenience to everyone. Sai says even then no one has tried to move it. Chandu points out that it is half buried in the dirt. Sai steps forward to do it. Villagers call it heavy but Sai says someone must try.

Precap: Tatya asks Sai what happened. Sai says people here are so afraid. We have to make sure people get over their fears and superstitions. He tells Tatya to call Champa and tells her to bring paint too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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