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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 63

Hai friends I’m back with today’s episode. Thank you so much for your support and comments. Please keep supporting.

Kartik gets red when Naira kisses him. Aashi gets jealous on their bond.
Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Huh…

Naira: You have become a tomato

Kartik blinks innocently.
Kartik: What…when Sherni kisses Mendak what will this bechara mendak do

Naira giggles.
Kartik: Naira…I love you

Naira: I love you too Mendak

Kartik holds Naira closer and they get lost into each other’s eyes. The scene freezes.

Mishti is in her room flipping the pages of a magazine when her mobile buzzes. She picks it with tension and is shocked to receive message from the same stranger

Message: Mishti…I know you will be excited to know who I you remember the kiss you got during the competition in Dehradun..I’m that crazy fan…my name is Virat…

Another message comes and his picture loads.

Mishti is shocked..she calls Abir

Abir: everything fine

Mishti: Abir..he has sent his…photo

Abir: Great I’ll send it to Akash bhai and do the needful

Misnti: But Abir..what charges can we levy on him..he didn’t do anything wrong..but we can’t leave him too he sounds crazy

Abir: You don’t worry my sweet heart I’m there na..I’ll take just send the picture to me

Mishti gets gloomy..Abir gets busy in contacting Akash for the next step. The scene freezes.

Prerna is walking along the streets shopping something . Sid comes there

Sid: Hey my love

Prerna is about to react angrily when Anurag’s plan rings in her mind

Prerna: Hey Sid…

Sid: Prerna..I hope you liked the letters and the boquet

Prerna: Haan..actually they surprised me…it’s been so long since I was surprised like this

Sid: Don’t worry you will be surprised often..ab toh I’m here na

Prerna: in laws are very annoying I can’t get late..I’ll see you later..bye

Prerna gets into the car and storms home. She reaches to her room with wet eyes. Anurag is there searching for something in the cupboard. Prerna rushes to him and hugs him tight. Anurag’s shirt gets wet with her tears

Anurag: Prerna what happened

Prerna: It’s too difficult Anurag to act like I’m impressed with Sid and I don’t like you

Anurag: Just for few days nah…we will find out what Komolika wants and remove these hinderances soon…please bear it till then

Prerna: It was your words which stopped me from slapping him when he called me as my love.
Anurag : How dare he..

Prerna: Acha…you are getting possessive.
Anurag: Hey we are just acting as we don’t like each other ….but I love you and I will definitely feel possessive when some Sid calls my love as his love

Prerna: Wow…

Anurag kisses her and comforts her. The scene freezes.

Mishti is sitting in the garden outside with a gloomy face. Suddenly she feels someone very close to her..within seconds she is into someone’s embrace..she is shocked and is about to punch her elbow on the person when,,,

Abir: Mishti…’s me…

Mishti: Abir….tum..

Abir: Arrey..I knew that you will be gloomy so I thought of comforting you

Mishti: Abir..that Virat

Abir: When Abir is here you have no need to fear

Mishti smiles.The scene shifts to Naira’s room. Her phone buzzes. Naira thinks that it is Kartik and rushes to pick it up but her face shrinks when the display shows Rishabh

Rishabh: Hey Naira what’s up

Naira: Nothing much Rishabh..just some assignments

Rishabh: Do you need me talking to you till you complete it like school days

Naira: No thanks I’ll manage

Rishabh: Arrey don’t be formal na

Just then Kartik calls her..

Naira: Rishabh..Kartik is calling I’ll talk to you later Bye.

She disconnects the call and accepts Kartik’s call. Rishabh gets annoyed when Naira ignores him for Kartik.




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