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Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 7 (The Past)

Hi all, thanks for your lovely comments. It was fun reading them. Let’s see if you were right..

Epi starts…

Vansh and Riddhima arrives at the restaurant and saw that it was really crowded. They took a seat at the last row table and ordered two drinks. Riddhima was still thinking about her feelings when Vansh tried to tell her something.

Vansh: Riddhima..are you listening? Where are you lost?

Riddhima: Huh? Oh nothing, I actually wanted to tell you about what happened in my past. I am not sure but I feel like sharing it to you. You have always made me feel safe and I would feel bad for hiding it. I am just scared that you might just get up and leave…(She starts to sob a little)

Vansh: I told you Riddhima, for this evening, please don’t cry. This dinner was to take your mind off things. Let’s talk about something else. You can tell me another time.

Riddhima smiles a little and nods. They stayed in the restaurant for the whole evening laughing and making jokes.  Vansh told Riddhima about the rest of his family members.

Vansh: There is also chachi and chacha and their son Aryan, they are on holiday at the moment that’s why you haven’t seen them around but I have kept them up to date with everything that has been happening. Ishani and Angre has been married recently, they are a cute couple but not that much close.

Riddhima: (giggles a little) Come on Vansh! let’s go.

They arrive home happily and walk up to their rooms. Ishani and Angre hiding behind the curtains notices them walking in and decides to hatch a plan.

Ishani: Angre, listen to me, I have an idea.

Angre: You and your ideas, are you sure I can trust them?

Ishani: (rolls her eyes).. just listen

Angre: Ok tell. what is it?

Ishani whispers something in his ears and he smiles.

Angre: Great idea Ishani..we will do it tomorrow morning. (he smiles)

Meanwhile in the hospital..

Kabir opens his eyes suddenly and wonders where he is…he remembers vaguely about the accident and wonders who had saved him because he did not know anyone. The door of his room opens and the lady walks up near him. Kabir is shocked to see her. It is revealed she is Ragini (actually she has a secret crush on Kabir and has tried to get him to notice her several times but he only wants to be friends)

Ragini: Kabirrrr! (She hugs him on bed)

Kabir takes off his oxygen mask and says in a murmured voice: What are you doing here?

Ragini: I saw you on the road Kabir, you were in a very bad shape and I brought you to the hospital.

Kabir wanders why she had save him when he wanted to die. He feels guilty for taking Riddhima and decides to try and move on from her. He turned his face the other direction and falls asleep lost in thoughts. The doctor comes in to check.

Doctor: He is ok..there is no complications as of now but we will have to keep him here for a few days.

Ragini: Ok doctor, thank you so much.

Doctor smiles and walks away.

Next morning in VR mansion.

Ishani comes running into Riddhima’s room and in a panic mood tells her:

Ishani: Riddhima! I need your help. Vansh bhai in his room looks like he is unwell today. Did you all have a long night?

Riddhima shocked: Omg what happened. I am coming.

Ishani runs out and waits outside Vansh’s room. She hides near the door with Angre and they smile at each other. Riddhima comes running and looks for Ishani..

Riddhima: Huh? Where did she go? Maybe she is inside with Vansh

Riddhima slowly opens the door and walking in notices the room is empty. She hears a click behind her. Ishani comes out and locks the door from outside. She is laughing

Ishani: Good luck Riddhima! (and runs away)

Riddhima shouts: Ishani!! Come back and open the door..

She tries the door but it doesn’t open and goes near the window but the room is too high so she decides to sit and wait. Vansh opens the bathroom door and walks out wearing just a towel. He notices her and shouts.

Vansh: Riddhima! What are you doing in my room?

Riddhima was shocked and quickly turned around blushing facing the window. She wanders what is happening to her and decides to talk to Sejal later.

Riddhima being shy: I am so sorry Vansh..Ishani told me you were unwell so I came here to check on you but she played a prank and locked me in.

Vansh was laughing: Hahaha! Typical Ishani.

He wasn’t feeling shy but smirked. He noticed that Riddhima had his back to him and felt that why she cared so much by just hearing that he was unwell. He gets changed.

Vansh from behind walks up to her and whispers: Riddhima you can turn around now..

Riddhima blushes and continues to stare out the window..She decides to tell Vansh about her past at that time because it was eating her from inside.

Riddhima: Vansh, can I tell you now?

Vansh: What is it you wanted to tell me?

Riddhima: My mom left me when I was 2 after my father died. She never had a reason but when I woke up one morning she wasn’t there. (She starts to cry)

Vansh noticed that she was scared and hesitant. He wanted to just hug her and make her feel safe and wandered why he was feeling that way. He slowly took her by the shoulders and make her sit on the bed.

Vansh: Don’t cry Riddhima, I am here na, you can share anything with me. I promise dil se that I won’t ever leave you (he smiles gently)

Riddhima looked at him and noticed for the first time that he was very handsome wearing a black suit that matched his hair and his intense eyes. She found herself lost in his eyes and not breaking eye contact, she just smiled and nodded. She didn’t know why but with him, she felt like she could forget everything and just run to him. She could feel her heart beating really fast every time she was near him and was still confused. Riddhima suddenly realised she was still looking at him and turn to look down.

Riddhima: Can you try and open the door?

Vansh: If it is locked from the outside there is no way to open it. Unless  you want to jump out the window (he starts laughing)

Riddhima rolls her eyes and gets up to go near the window.

Vansh: I didn’t mean that literally. (he follows her from behind)

Precap: Vansh and Riddhima tries to get out but can’t. They end up spending the night in the same room and next morning Anupriya sees them shocked. Kabir and Ragini get out of hospital and Riddhima goes out alone in a rush.

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