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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 31: Their FOLLOWER!

Hello everyone!!


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Hello Shivangi, Glad to know you enjoyed the episode 🙈 and let’s see who’s at the door?😁

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Hello Chhavi, Maybe Not! Let’s find out!

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The episode starts as…..

At 09:30am in Riddhima’s house,

Aryan is sitting on the dining table waiting for Riddhima to join him so that they can have breakfast. Riddhima comes and sits opposite to him. Aryan serves breakfast to her and then himself. They start having breakfast.

Aryan: Riddhu?

Riddhima: What happened?

Aryan: Vansh just told me that you came to convince him but he didn’t tell me the reason. And I really want to know the reason. So if you can please take the initiative and start the story.

Riddhima: Okay! So after I met Pranati, I heard an old man speaking to the doctor to save his wife but the doctor said that they need B+ve blood for that and the hospital blood bank didn’t contain it. So….

Aryan: So you donated blood? Because if I am not wrong your blood group is also B+ve. Forget ‘if’ your blood group is B+ve.

Riddhima: You are right! So if you permit, may I please continue?

Aryan: Yes, you may!

Riddhima: So after I donated blood and came out, I recalled Vansh’s message of asking me to come early but because of that incident, I couldn’t. And he didn’t know the reason so he was upset and so I had gone to convince him.

Aryan: Ohhh….. That’s really good. So how’s the condition of that lady?

Riddhima: I don’t know Aryan. But I am really curious to know about her health. I hope she’s fine. And can I tell you one more thing?

Aryan: Ofcourse you can! Please continue!

Riddhima: Ever since I saw that lady, I’ve been thinking about her. I feel something for her. I don’t know why?

Aryan: It happens Riddhu! You just helped her, and that’s why your mind can’t resist thinking about her. And moreover, you feel connected to the fruit vendor also. So no big deal!

Riddhima: Forget that! Why not go and meet her today?

Aryan: Done! I too would want to meet her.

Riddhima picks the cup of tea to drink but it accidentally falls over her. She jumps out of shock. Aryan looks on, and gets worried. Riddhima excuses herself to change. Riddhima goes to her room while Aryan cleans the mess. Just then there’s a knock on the door. Aryan goes to open the door.

Aryan: You? Don’t you have work? I thought you too are busy.

Person: Yes, I am busy. But I just came to meet……

Aryan: She isn’t at home. You may leave.

Person: Come on yaar! I won’t be visiting her till tomorrow. Just for sometime let me be there.

Aryan: I am telling you that she isn’t at home. Listen to me.

Person: I know that you are lying. She didn’t tell me that she’s going out.

Aryan: Now do you think she’ll do everything after informing you?

Person: Come on Aryan! Speak sensibly!

Sejal comes from back and…..

Sejal: KABIR!!!!!!!

She runs and hugs him tightly and then greets him.

Sejal: Why are you standing out? Why didn’t you come in?

Kabir: I just came. And was about to enter in.

Sejal: Are you done with your meetings?

Kabir: Nahhh! (Looks at Sejal from tip to toe, who’s completely dressed up) Where are you going?

Sejal: I have to attend a client so I am going to meet him.

Kabir: I’ll drop you, we could spend sometime together.

Sejal: Sounds cool! But where’s Vansh?

Kabir: He’s busy with some other work. And won’t be able to meet any of us.

Sejal: Okay! So let’s leave.

Sejal and Kabir without saying a word to Aryan leave the house.

Aryan(talking to himself): I feel I gained some powers. Maybe I am completely invisible. And that’s why the two didn’t notice my presence.

Riddhima comes out of her room and finds Aryan talking to himself.


Aryan(coming out of his thoughts but without noticing who it is): NO! I AM BECOMING INVISIBLE!

Riddhima: WHAT! I am sure you are going crazy.

Aryan(turns back): [Looks at Riddhima] Ohh….. So you can see me!

Riddhima: Aryan, God had gifted you some amount of brain and you donated that also. Seriously??

Aryan: No Riddhu! Actually What happened is Kabir came here to meet Sejal. I lied to him that she isn’t at home but she came from back and left with him to meet some clients.

Riddhima(confused): So did this drive you crazy?

Aryan: No yaar! I just thought that the three of us will spend some time together.

Riddhima: Just because Ishani is gone for shopping with Sia. And you don’t want to be alone.

Aryan: And you are saying as if I don’t have time for you.

Riddhima: No, I didn’t mean that.

Aryan: Then what did you exactly mean? May I please know?

Riddhima: No! You may not know, so just let it be!

Aryan: If the same answer would have been given by me then you would have shouted. This is Atyachaar (Torture)!!

Riddhima: With Atyachaar I remember, since many days we didn’t have Achaar (pickle).

{Sorry for the rhyme but I am really bored and thought about this, please don’t mind}

Aryan: Seriously Riddhu!!

Riddhima: *laughs* Just Kidding!

Riddhima and Aryan go near the balcony and Aryan gets tea for her as she spilled it all over herself the last time. Riddhima thanks him.

Riddhima: Aryan, I forgot to tell you that I have to go out for now.

Aryan: To meet that lady, right?

Riddhima: I want to go but then something else just came up.

Aryan: I am sure that you aren’t going to meet Vansh, then where are you going?

Riddhima: When you went to get coffee, Sejal gave me a message regarding the things needed for the upcoming program. So I am going to get them.

Aryan: I’ll join you as well. We’ll leave in sometime.

At 12:00pm in the market,

Riddhima and Aryan are done shopping for all the needed items and are heading their way back to the car.

Riddhima: Aryan, Did you notice something strange?

Aryan: Like? What do you mean?

Riddhima: I mean someone looking at us and following us.

Aryan: No! Do you feel so?

Riddhima: Yes! Ever since we left the house I wonder why but I feel something strange and unusual in the environment.

Aryan: It’s just an illusion, Riddhu. There’s no one around us. You are overthinking.

Riddhima: Aryan, But……

Aryan: What?

Riddhima: Maybe you’re right! Forget it. Let’s go home quickly, I need to prepare lunch.

Aryan: Let’s have it outside. You too are tired.

Riddhima and Aryan are seated in the car and drive to a restaurant. Somebody had looked over them, and followed their car.

At 12:30pm in the restaurant,

Riddhima and Aryan reach a restaurant. Riddhima enters the restaurant while Aryan goes to park the car. She still feels someone’s following them. She takes a table and makes herself comfortable as Aryan comes there quickly. A man enters the restaurant and sits on the table behind theirs. He’s seated in such a way where he can clearly see Riddhima and Aryan. He faces Riddhima while sitting whereas Aryan’s back is shown to the person. He keeps looking at Riddhima though she doesn’t notice him since she’s lost in her thoughts.

Aryan: Riddhu, What are you thinking? Are you still thinking that someone is following us?

Riddhima: Yes! But you aren’t believing me. Every shop we went, every road we crossed, every person we spoke to, every action of ours was noted down by someone. Believe me!

Aryan: Okay! I believe you! And if someone is really following us then that person will be around in the restaurant also. BE ATTENTIVE, okay?

Riddhima: I should say that to you, anyways forget!

Riddhima and Aryan place an order while the person continues looking at them. His eyes are just focused on Riddhima and thinks that Aryan is a barrier. He doesn’t want to change his place since on every other table he sits, there are chances of facing Aryan which he can’t ought to do. He looks at a waiter closer to him. The waiter comes to him. The man asks the waiter to bend a little and bribes him with a 2000Rs. Note and asks him to just throw some juice over Aryan’s outfit(signalling towards Aryan). The waiter takes the note and leaves.

After 5 minutes, the waiter comes with a glass of juice on the tray, he walks closely by Riddhima and Aryan’s table. He acts to fall and spills the juice over Aryan’s dress.

Waiter: Extremely Sorry Sir! I didn’t do it intentionally. Please do not….

Aryan(interrupting): Calm down! I understand it’s crowded and I won’t even complain. (Looking towards Riddhima) I’ll just clean this and come.

Riddhima: *smiles recalling his action and words*

Aryan leaves to the restroom while the waiter is pleased with Aryan’s action, he gives a smile to Riddhima and leaves. Now the man can clearly see Riddhima. He bites his lips looking at her. Riddhima finds the man already looking at her. She notices his ‘fake’ black leather jacket, his cunning smile, his shabby hair, his black eyes which are stuck on her, biting his lips. She finds it strange, still ignores the man. The waiter looks on at both of them and tries to understand the situation. The man is about to get up and walk near Riddhima but in the nick of time Aryan arrives. The man bangs his fist on the table.

Aryan: Did I take too long?

Riddhima: Nah! You were quite quick!

The waiter arrives with Riddhima and Aryan’s order. As he keeps the dishes on the table, he passes a paper to Riddhima and leaves. Riddhima wonders what’s written on it. Aryan has no idea about the paper since he was checking his phone. Riddhima pushes her chair slightly at the back and keeps the paper down on her lap and tries to read.

Waiter(on the paper): Hello Mam, I’m the same waiter who had dropped the juice on Sir. It wasn’t accidental, I was paid for it by the man who’s sitting opposite to you. He bribed me with 2000Rs.

Riddhima surprisingly looks on at the waiter. The waiter nods yes. She’s shocked. Aryan notices the change in Riddhima’s expressions. He questions her about it. Riddhima passes on the paper to him. He reads it. Aryan gets angry on reading it and returns the paper to Riddhima.

Aryan angrily gets up and turns back. The man wonders what happened to him and before he could react to anything, Aryan got over him. Aryan first slapped him and not just once, he just kept on slapping him. He caught the collars of the man and almost threw him on the other table due to which the table almost broke. Everyone in the restaurant was stunned and curious to know what’s happening around.

Just then the cops arrived and caught the man. Aryan and Riddhima wondered who called the cops. The waiter and manager took a step ahead and said that they did it.

The man: If the money was less you could have told me. What’s the use of calling the cops?

The manager: It’s a reputed restaurant. No one dares to do such things here. And that’s why he respected the rules.

The waiter: I didn’t want to be the reason for someone’s pain. I followed your instructions but I also found them fishy. And that’s informed them.

One of the cops gives a tight slap to the man. And,

Cop: Why were you following her and harassing her?

Man: Why the hell do you think I will tell plans to you on this planet Earth? Just mind your own business!

On answering this, the man received another slap and the same question again. But this time.

The man: I saw her outside the restaurant. Just before she entered my gaze fell on her. I thought I could use her for sometime and if she turned out to be good then I would’ve traded her.

Aryan couldn’t hear any of this and out of rage he slapped the man again and then broke a glass over his head. Riddhima tried to calm him down. But the man had now become unconscious. The cops took him away. And the manager asked forgiveness from Riddhima and Aryan for everything that happened. They leave together and come to the parking area.

Riddhima: Aryan, calm down! He’s arrested.

Aryan(anger in his voice): I should’ve believed you! I am Sorry. I thought it was an illusion.

Riddhima: It’s okay!

Riddhima recalls the man’s words that he isn’t following her from the day and instead from the outside of the restaurant. She wonders who’s following her from the start. Aryan asks Riddhima to sit in the car. Somebody looks on at both of them.


Precap: Aryan senses someone behind and turns and says, “So it’s you who’s following us since the start.” Riddhima turns back, she sees the person says, “YOU!?”

  • Any guesses for the ‘YOU!?’ 

Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞

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