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Interesting… Very interesting… Part 6 (Aryan’s heart- out)

Hi guys,

Thanks all for your love and support. Don’t stop here continues supporting me. So that I gets the confidence to write more.

Let’s start,

Aryan : Look Bhai how much I love her.
Vansh was silent, Aryan continues
Aryan : Is this much proof enough for you to prove that I love her sincerely.

Vansh didn’t say anything. He left from there.

Anupriya : Vansh ! Vansh!

Anupriya looked at Aryan and said

Anupriya :Aryan what all this ?
Aryan : Not me Maa he only started
Anupriya : He is your Brother. Do you know how much pain is in his heart ?
Aryan : Really Maa

Anupriya looked at him. Aryan continues..

Aryan : Oh I forgot you all will support Vansh. You consider Vansh as your only son.
Ishani : Cut this Bullshit Aryan. Do you know what are you saying.
Aryan : I know what I am saying. From the childhood itself you all have celebrated the success of Vansh’s Bhai only. When his birthday comes one day full celebration and when my birthday comes just some Puja and one cake cutting.. I used to play with the toys that is used by Bhai. I never get anything new in my life. You guys only supported bhai. You People also compares me with Bhai.. And Maa you and dadi Have you ever called me as Beta.. After growing up.
Siya : Aryan Bhai please..
Aryan : Siya dear You too blame me.
Siya : No Bhai. I am not blaming you. I want my two brothers at the same time.
Aryan : Like Vansh Bhai show love and care to you all. I also do the same, but you goes doesn’t see my love.

Aryan left from there..

Anupriya : Aryan at least eatbreakfast and go.

Aryan : I don’t want Maa give it your son.

That time Dadi came from the temple. She asked

Dadi : Anupriya Today also??
Anupriya looked at her helpless.
Dadi : I don’t know when my grandsons became one. Whose evil eye falls on my family.
Siya : Don’t worry Dadi everything will be fine…

Vansh was driving his car sppedly. He went to the flashbacks…

Vansh : Hello dear Happy birthday..
Other side : Thank you Vansh .
Vansh : You want birthday gift .
Other side : Yeah….
Vansh : Ok Then come to our favourite spot…
Other side : Ok 10 mins.

Vansh cuts the call. He said in his mind.

Vansh : Dear Today I will tell you that I love you… I know you will be very happy. You are eagerly awaiting to hear this from me…

Suddenly Aryan comes to Vansh and says

Aryan : Bhai I wanted to say something
Vansh : Tell me Aryan.
Aryan :Bhai Woh..
Vansh : Tell me Aryan.
Aryan :ok I will tell. The girl whom you are going to propose today is MY LOVE…

Vansh gets shocked and angry. He grabs Aryan’s collar.

Vansh: What the…..
Aryan : Yes Bhai I’m saying truth. I love her sincerely for past three years.
Vansh : Did she know that…
Aryan : No. That time I didn’t have that much courage to propose her and I thought there is enough time. When I learned that you are loving her and you are going to propose her. I gets tensed and come here for help. From childhood onwards I didn’t asked anything from you. For the first time in my whole life I am asking something from you. Please don’t do this…

Vansh remained silent. After a while he began to speak.

Vansh : Ok I believe you but you have to tell her today itself…
Aryan became very happy, he said
Aryan : Thank You Bhai….

He left, Vansh stands there for sometime. His eyes became red like the sun which is going to set off. Tears were rolling out from his eyes… He angrily breaks the things in that room. That time a phone call comes.

The person : Vansh where are you? I reached here
Vansh didn’t know what to say.
The person : Vansh are you there?
Vansh: Yeah tell me.
The person: What happened Vansh ? Why your voice  seems to be very cold? Anything happened.
Vansh : NNnothing . I got some busy work. So I will not come.
The person : Vansh you promised me ?
Vansh : So what ? Sometimes promise can be broken.
The person : Vansh why are you saying like this
Vansh were crying by hearing her requesting voice. He faked his anger and said
Vansh : Don’t you understand. I said I will not come means will not come And by the way do not call me from here afterwards…..
The person: Vansh!!!!!

Vansh couldn’t take it anymore so he cut the call. After sometime he gets another call from the number. He picked up and said..

Vansh : I told you don’t call me again. Suddenly he gets stopped by hearing the voice from the other side..
The other : Hello sir? I got this phone and ring and a bangle from the hill side. When I checked the phone there were two numbers dialed. When I dialed the first number no one attended the call. So I called you. Do you know her? If you know her then please could you come here.

Vansh was dumbstruck.

The other side : Hello Sir??

Vansh broke his trance…

Vansh : Yeah coming.

Within 5 minutes Vansh reached there. He agains call backs to the number. The call was taken.

Vansh : Hello where are you ?
The person : Sir here

Vansh see a man waving at him. Vansh hurriedly came to him. And grabbed the phone from him and asked.

Vansh : Did you see her ??
The person: No sir I got this phone a ring and a pair of bangle.

He returned the things to Vansh and moved from there. That time only Vansh noticed the blood stains in the bangle. He became shocked and shouts


He wakes up from the flash back when he heard a loud sound…. His car got bashed…… He saw a girl shouting at him. He gets out from the car and came near the girl standing front of him….

Guys I’m sorry, I have to make Ragini as Vansh’s former lover because I had to end her character for some time. Hope you will understand.

Also I hope that you all enjoyed today’s episode.
Stay tuned for next episode.
Nicks ❤️❤️❤️

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