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Indiawaali Maa 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Murthy wants Kaku away from Cheenu

Indiawaali Maa 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku asking Chandra why did you call me, did Rohan do anything. Chandra says no, happy diwali Amma. She laughs. Kaku also wishes her diwali and happy new year. She says I have to give a good news, my Rohan is changing, he has began to complete his MBA, five months to pay the loan, Hasmukh is arranging money also, Rohan will also arrange. Chandra says I m happy to see your smile, you don’t leave Rohan, else he may become like before, sorry to say this, I don’t want any problem to create for you, I will pray for you that your Rohan really changes, you never lose, you will do well this time. Kaku says yes, pray, come home. Chandra says no, I have to go home. She goes. Kaku goes home. She recalls Akshay’s words. She goes to see Rohan. She sees Rohan angry and asks him not to lose heart, whatever people tell him. He asks what. She asks are you angry on Akshay’s words, why are you hitting book on the wall. He says no, I m trying to shoo away the cockroach. She asks what. She laughs.

He also laughs. She says I thought you got angry again. He says I laughed after a long time, I got tears of joy. She hugs him. He says I have to study now. He goes to study. Kaku takes care of him and stays with him. He asks her to go. Maa….plays…. She doesn’t leave him. Cheenu recalls Rohan and his words. Its morning, Kaku makes breakfast ready. She feeds Rohan and asks him to do well. Rohan thanks her and goes. Balli gives coffee to Fawad. Fawad says I don’t want a GF, but a kid. Balli says you make a GF and marry her to get a kid. Fawad says who will get into marriage for a kid, your wife doesn’t care for you, but your kids talk. Balli says yes, I didn’t have sense that time, but you may like your partner. Fawad says it happens in movies. Balli sees Kaku and says it happens in real life also. Fawad sees him and says her husband is in Bhuj, he will beat you, don’t say anything to Kaku. They greet Kaku. She says I didn’t sleep all night. Fawad asks what were you doing. Balli says don’t say such things, her husband is in Bhuj. Fawad says I mean you may have spoken romantic things with uncle. She laughs. She asks Balli to get coffee for her. Murthy comes to the office. He sees Kaku there. Kaku is sleeping on the desk.

He goes to Akshay. Akshay greets him. Murthy asks what’s Kaku doing here. Akshay says I hired her for a project, then she will be gone, don’t worry, have a seat. Murthy asks him to call Cheenu and Kaku. Akshay calls them. Cheenu and Kaku come and see Murthy. Kaku greets Murthy. He says you aren’t doing good to sleep in the office, you are paid money for work, just joking. Kaku says sorry, this won’t happen again. Cheenu says she is hardworking, she is helping me in project. Kaku says Rohan is giving MBA exam, I was with him, he studied all night, so I fell asleep, give my greetings to Vasu and Meenu. Murthy says okay. Cheenu takes Kaku. Murthi says after so much happened, Cheenu is supporting Kaku. Akshay says Kaku will leave soon. Murthy says no Akshay, you don’t know this lady, she is very sharp, she has come to take my daughter with her, we have to do something.

Akshay goes to Kaku and gives her diwali gift. He says your performance is great, so here is your bonus, you will be going in some days, what happened, project is going to end in some days. Cheenu goes to Murthy. He asks what’s Kaku doing here, you have to start new life, she will come in front of you again and again, you will be hurt. Cheenu says I will see what I want, why did you come here. He says I have work, I have to get Meenu married, you get engaged. She asks why, you selected a good family for her, there should be understanding, I lost my baby, give me some time. She goes. Akshay asks you back. She says yes. He asks Balli to make Kaku’s leaving letter ready and take Kaku’s sign. Balli says sure Sir. Akshay goes. Balli stops him and says Kaku is working well, can’t this happen…. Akshay says don’t forget from who you get your salary. Balli says sorry. Cheenu says it was decided before, sorry Kaku, I can’ do anything. Kaku says yes.

Cheenu cries seeing baby’s pics. Kaku consoles her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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